Rick ZumWalts response to Apache Dan

I have nothing but respect for Dan Carr... Indian Dan or Dan. My remarks were laced with fun poking and some real [for me] comments. Dan Carr is/was a very good puller. When we met it was my first time seeing or pulling him. We were at the Tropicana in Vegas and had only one referee, one of the Jeffery brothers ONE REF....that sucks. When we went off I flashed Dan Carr, my hand slammed into the table and pad, it was on the opposite side of the referee, he ran around to the pinning side, by then I assumed he had called the match... it was obvious, at least to me, I had started to walk away from the table, thrilled to have beaten Dan Carr.... I then realized Dan was still hooked into my arm/pulling. Jeffery yelled at me to grab the peg the match was not over... I was pissed and now in the losing position and Dan was hooked in tight. I argued pulled till it hurt but could not get through his defense he then pinned me it was a long match maybe a minute, Dan was awarded the match. I was livid and raised a big scene, Dan said "Rick I don’t know if you pinned me I was all psyched up" "but the ref gave it to me, and no I won't give you a rematch" So what ever remarks your referring to ... I must conclude I was playing with Mr. Indian Dan Carr; based on my assumed friendship, and competitive camaraderie...I tease and play and often my big mouth gets me in trouble, ask Cleave Dean, Danny Stone, Vada Crosby [Hartford Currant] , I like Danny Carr, and in no way meant to malign his heritage, or him. I myself happen to be German-Irish-Indian [Cherokee]... Dan my Phone is (phone number removed by webmaster and sent by email), call anytime, don't let the peanut gallery cause you any sleep.. OK ask me the source OK buddy. If my poking fun at you tweaked your head ... sorry!!!!! Hope things are good...talk to ya soon.

Rick ZumWalt

P.S. "I will not in print respond to any more negative writings from well or otherwise intended Pullers / people."



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