State Olympics Results

2000 Cowboy State Games Armwrestling Championships

Casper, Wyoming 6/10/00

Ladies Right Hand 0-143: Barb Smith, Melissa Knight

Ladies Right Hand 144+: Renee Layher, Tracy Alexander, Michelle Wheeler

Mens Novice Right Hand 0-154: Randy Baxter, Albert Nolan

Mens Novice Right Hand 155-176: Daymian Lombardi, Shuan Friesen

Mens Novice Right Hand 177-198: Shawn Tschida, Curtis Maxwell, Shuan Friesen

Mens Left Hand 0-154: Blaine Lawrence, Matt Garwood, Ernie Herrera, Bruce Steward

Mens Left Hand 155-176: Ed Baxter, Joe Custer, Clint Fernandez

Mens Left Hand 177-198: Ed Baxter, Danyal Stoltenberg, Shawn Tschida, Curtis Maxwell

Mens Left Hand 199-242: Jaime Petrich, Chris Goff

Mens Right Hand 0-154: Blaine Lawrence, Matt Garwood, Ernie Herrera, Ray Nystul

Mens Right Hand 155-176: Ed Baxter, Lyle Clark, Ron McGowen, Travis Binger

Mens Right Hand 177-198: Ed Baxter, Danyal Stoltenberg

Mens Right Hand 199-242: Joe Uvary, Cameron Santistevan, Jaime Petrich, Roger Capellan

Mens Right Hand 243+; Brad Fieseler, Lyle Clark



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