World's Wristwrestling Championship
Petaluma, California
October 10, 1998

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Pro-Ladies Right 0-121 Judy Dodd, Gerrie Edwards, Julie Duarte, Courtney Perizzolo
Pro-Ladies Right 122-143 Stefani Burns, Alicia Mobley, Jimi Heffelfinger
Pro-Ladies Right 144-176 Sherry Mundy, Tami Beggs, Kathy Hughes
Pro-Ladies Right 177+ Cynthia Yerby, Nicolai Meador, Monica Wozniak, Barbara Hembree

Pro-Ladies Left 0-143 Gerrie Edwards, Judy Dodds, Alicia Mobley, Jimi Heffelfinger
Pro-Ladies Left 144+ Monica Wozniak, Barbara Hembree, Leslie Wagoner

Pro-Men’s Left 0-132 Jerry Gray, Dobbs Pressley,Tom Wilson, Greg Gray
Pro-Men’s Left 133-154 Kenny Hughes, Tony Beggs
Pro-Men’s Left 155-176 Earl Maughmer, Ed Baxter, Tim Storey, Eric Peterson
Pro-Men’s Left 177-198 John Brzenk, ,Jacob Abbott, Jarrod Levulett
Pro-Men’s Left 199-242 John Brzenk, Allan Tresser, Chuck Hendricks, Chris Futhey
Pro-Men’s Left 243+ Eric Woelfel, Steve Phipps, Chris Futhey, Jeff Pultz

Pro-Men’s Right 0-132 Michael Boylan, Dobbs Pressley, Jerome Moore, Jerry Gray
Pro-Men’s Right 133-154 Kenny Hughes, Miles McGinn, Kevin Lasley, Ray Walston
Pro-Men’s Right 155-176 Ed Baxter, Earl Maughmer, Mark Pryor, Mike McGraw
Pro-Men’s Right 177-198 John Brzenk, Brian Brandon, Jarrod Levulett, Jacob Abbott
Pro-Men’s Right 199-242 John Brzenk, Chris Futhey, Stretch, Bob Koschel
Pro-Men’s Right 243+ John Brzenk, Eric Woelful, Ed Ore, Jeff Pultz

(over 40 years of age)
Masters Right 0-165 Allen Crowder, Victor Torres, Dick Ingwaldson
Masters Right 166-198 Tony Villa, Steve Jeffryes, Dick Ingwaldson, John Burgeson
Masters Right 199+ Chuck Hendricks, Mike Grubbs, Mike Beggs, Merle Meeter

(over 55 years of age)
Grand Masters 0-165  Charles Hughes, Bill Rhodes, Chuck Pressley
Grand Masters 166+  Merle Meeter, Wild Bill

Masters Left 0-165 Dick Ingwaldson, Victor Torres
Masters Left 166-198 Tony Villa, Dick Ingwaldson, Charles Hughes
Masters Left 199+ Steve Phipps, Tony Villa, Chuck Kendricks, Dick Ingwaldson

Novice Right 0-154 Doug Berry, Greg Cox, Tony Beggs, Victor Torres
Novice Right 155-176 D. J. Galvan, Corey Cortez, Mark England, Mark Raymond
Novice Right 177-198 Mark Delatorre, Joey Vierra, Bill Close, Joey Cordosa
Novice Right 199+ David Burns, Dallas Thompson, Jim Wagoneer, Revin Coonrad

Novice Left 0-154 Victor Torres, Tony Beggs, Ray Walston, Sam Pagon
Novice Left 155-176 Mark Raymond, Joey Vierra, Gilbert Ramirez, Patrick Ross
Novice Left 177-198 Mark Delatorre, Ricardo Palmexin, Bill Close, Doug Brazda
Novice Left 199+  David Burns, Jim Wagoner, Miguel Mejia, San Cordosa

Team Competition

#1  Our Gang  (from California)                 Captain: Ray Walston

#2  Team United                                           Captain: Dobbs Pressley

#3  Los Banos Pullers  from Los Banos       Captain Bill Collins



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