World's Wristwrestling Championship
Petaluma, California
October 14, 2000


Pro-Ladies Right 0-121 Tamara Kelly, Canada, Tonya Wood, AZ.
Pro-Ladies Right 122-143 Theresa Ebert, CA., Tamara Kelly, Canada, Ann Vondruska, Norway
Pro-Ladies Right 144-176 Sherry Mundy, CA.,  Rene Mahoney, CA., Tammy Jones, CA.
Pro-Ladies Right 177+  Sherry Mundy, CA., Cynthia Yerby, OK., Kimberly Weber, CA.

Pro-Men’s Left 0-132 Jerome Moore IL., Simon Berriochoa, San Pedro, Bubba Savoy, LA
Pro-Men’s Left 133-154 Donald Ray, AR., Joshua Wright, MT., Greg Wilson, IL
Pro-Men’s Left 155-176 Kenny Hughes, CA., Brent Rogge, MT., Tim Storey, WA.
Pro-Men’s Left 177-198 Brian Brandon, CA.,  David Bieler, OR., David Owens, CA.
Pro-Men’s Left 199-242 Gurchia Erekle, Republic of Georgia, Jarrod Levulett, OR., Alan Tresser, CA.
Pro-Men’s Left 243+ Eric Woelfel, CA., David Burns, CA., Steve Phipps, WA.

Pro-Men’s Right 0-132 Jerome Moore, IL., C. Phillips, ID., Simon Berriochoa, CA.
Pro-Men's Right 133-154 Dave Hicks, Canada, Donald Ray AR., Greg Wilson, IL
Pro-Men’s Right 155-176 Kenny Hughes, CA., Cobra Rhodes, IN., Brent Rogge, MT
Pro-Men’s Right 177-198 Brian Brandon, CA., Michael Tott, AR., Cobra Rhodes, IN.
Pro-Men’s Right 199-242 Gurchia Erekle, Republic of Georgia, Jarrod Levulett, OR., Dennis Wigner, CA.
Pro-Men’s Right 243+ Vakhtang Javakhadze, Republic of Georgia, Eric Woelful, CA., Bob Shaffer, CA.

(over 40 years of age)
Masters Left 0-165 Jim Wright, MT., Victor Torres, CA.
Masters Left 166-198 Tony Villa, IN., Dean Bohan, CA., George Crowder, CA.
Masters Left 199+ Steve Phipps, WA., "Conan" WA., Chuck Kendricks, NV.

Masters Right 0-165 Allen Crowder, CA., Ray Walston, CA., Jim Wright, MT.
Masters Right 166-198 John Parton, AK., Dean Bohan, CA., George Crowder, CA.
Masters Right 199+  Chris Futhey, CA., Ed Ore, CA., Chuck Kendricks, NV.

(over 50 years of age)
Grand Masters 0-165  Jim Wright, MT.
Grand Masters 166-198  Jack Adams, CA., Bill Rhodes, CA., Jim Wright, MT.
Grand Masters 198+   Malcolm Cisco, OH., Merle Meeter, CA., Manuel Serpa CA.

Novice Right 0-154 John Burgeson, II, CA., Abdul Malik Mohammed, India, Shafiv Mohammed, India
Novice Right 155-176 Jack Stanton, CA., Doug Berry, AK., Jack Cervantes, CA.
Novice Right 177-198 Randy Weaver, CA., James Burke, AR., Fletcher Anderson, CA.
Novice Right 199+ Arthur Schmidt, CA., Tom Nelson, CA., Ralph Varquez, CA.

Novice Left 0-154 Jason Murphy, CA., John Burgeson II, CA., David Owens, Jr. CA.
Novice Left 155-176 John Stanton, CA., Tyler Johnson, Mt., Joey Vierra, CA.
Novice Left 177-198 James Burke, AR., Mark Shafer, CA., Todd Peterson, OR.
Novice Left 199+  Bob Shafer, CA., Arthur Schmidt, CA., Miguel Mejia, CA.

Team Competition

#1  1st Central California and More                                               Captain:   Ray Walston

#2  The Masters Club                                                                      Captain:    Steve Phipps

#3   Bam Brothers, Inc                                                                     Captain   Michael Todd

#4    Montana State Armwrestlers                                                   Captain   Jim Wright



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