Armwrestling Workout of the Century!
by Merle Meeter

World Champions Allen Fisher and Jason Vale
demonstrate technique for the crowd

World Champions Jason Vale and Eric Woelfel

Allen and Carolyn Fisher , both world champion armwrestlers, hosted a
6-table pulling session at their Spring Valley, California home on Monday, February 9, 1998. The workout went from 4-10 pm on the patio beside the Fisher's garage. A wood fire was kept burning-- with chairs set around -- for anyone who got chilly, but no one did until about 7 o'clock. Carolyn served stew, vegetables, rolls, fruit punch and raisin cookies!

More than 25 eager athletes practiced their moves, counter moves, and
hidden secrets for the other wrestlers and a dozen spectators, several
wielding cameras. Jason Vale had made the longest flight -- from New York City -- but John Brzenk flew in from Utah, Eric Woelfel from Petaluma and of course Allen Fisher.

These four were the premier World Champions, with Thayer Brehm (World amateur champion) Everette Vbeiger (Former Petaluma heavyweight), and Scott Ciborowski winner of the middleweight 1997 World Championship in Petaluma, providing their toughest competition. Allen Fisher gave John Brzenk some great table rocking battles! John Land drove all the way from Temecula late (with Ricardo), and John was still willing to pull him. Brzenk said after pulling John Land, I wish I could have pulled you fresh, you've got a great pull.

But Brzenk, weighing 215, was muscled as he was for that period of 5-10
years when no one in the world could challenge his supremacy. And he
dominated the training tables throughout the evening, even when he was
tiring under the persistence of his challengers. (John is always cheerful, gracious, and willing to give helpful instruction.) Jason Vale was also an extremely good sport and very friendly with all those here. He was great to all, even to those he had never met including spectators.

Jason Vale opened the session with a brief prayer for God's blessing and
protection in Jesus' name as we all held hands in a circle. And a great
time of camaraderie and combat followed. For some of the younger
wrestlers, such as Greg Gray, Mike Milan, Ron Butcher, Billy Joanne, Tom
Philapar, David Hall and others too numerous to mention, this was a
tremendous opportunity to get acquainted with some of the World's best
armwrestlers and receive some valuable instruction in the sport from
those experts who shared their techniques and training methods.

Afterward, the guys stayed around and shared their feelings about how to
get the sport on a larger more lucrative level. They also shared thoughts about the strength of others, the problems in the sport, and their desire to see the sport grow. They were all leaning on the tables talking in pensive tones and now and then asking someone if they would pull again. Tom Philapar, pulled the longest and hardest, pulling until his arm was a mere stump on the end of his shoulder. He has a great big smile and so much effervescence! The guys were all amazed at his tenacity.

Our many thanks are due to Allen and Carolyn Fisher who organized and
hosted this unique event and our thanks go also to our Gracious Heavenly
Father, who gave us a beautiful, sunny 70 degree day in the midst of our
rainy season.



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