The 8th Annual White MT Championship
 was held on April 22 at the 
Timbermill Pub in Lincoln, NH  

There were 62 pullers

  Menís Open

 0-154 Norm Devio
155-176 1st Dennis Debreuil 2nd Josh Stark 3rd David Perron 
177-198 1st Sylvain Perron 2nd Allen Stilkey 3rd Brock Palmer 
199-220 1st Phillipe Brosseau 2nd Paul Maurais 3rd Ray Goulet Jr
 221-UP 1st Jerry Cadorette 2nd Harry Bean 3rd Ron Bean

Menís Novice  

0-154 1st Tim Layton 2nd Eric Demers 3rd David Serguy
 155-176 1st Peter Brown 2nd Heintze Bergeron 3rd Roger LeBlanc
 177-199 1st Eric Roussin 2nd Rick Brunell 3rd Jesse Veria  

 Menís Left 

0-176 1st Dennis Debreuil 2nd Gregg Bednarz 3rd Bruce Court  
177-UP 1st Sylvain Perron 2nd Paul Maurais 3rd Phillipe Brosseau

 Womenís Open

 0-132 1st Kim Lapham 2nd Mary Gunnisson 3rd Priscilla Bean 
133-UP 1st Liane Dufresne 2nd Graceann Swift 3rd Julie Dykeman

Menís Open Overall Winner was Jerry Cadorette

Menís Novice Overall Winner was Eric Roussin

The 2 winners of the Getaway Weekend were Liane Dufresne and Sylvain Perron


Referees were Tim Sears, Dale Urbank and Bill Cox

Brackets were done by Gerry Cox 

Best match of the day was between Paul Maurais and Phillipe Brosseau



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