Our home in Moscow

Our favorite shopping market - The Ismailovo
This shot includes only a tiny portion of the market

You can purchase beautiful icon's cheap but aren't allowed to take them out of the country.

Oriental carpets from the Caucasus

Two of about 100 displays

Wings and Hats for sale

Cynthia Yerby shopping and Judy Dodd shopping

This bed contains about 45 purchases from the Market
I won't tell you who the super shopper is because Michelle would kill me


Red Square
different views

This page was an attempt to give you the flavor of our trips to Russia. It is a mere sample of the sights. This experience changes the life of the team member and gives us all memories which last a lifetime.

The next major trip is the end of July when Team USA travels to Belgium to compete in the Belgium Armwrestling Challenge 1998.

Dear Wrestlers,

United States ArmSports would like to invite you to attend the 7th Annual International
Armwrestling Challenge in Rochefort, Belgium July 31, 1998 & August 1, 1998. You may attend this tournament with this invitation and be a member of Team USA Armwrestling 1998. There is no qualifying for this event. Many are taking their wives and girl friends. We will be leaving on Wednesday July 29th and return on Thursday August 6th, 1997. This tournament is a wonderful event and is made even more exciting as we will be spending 4 nights in Belgium and also 4 nights in Paris, France. There is a lot of interest in attending this tournament so we will have to limit the number of Team Members. Call Denise for more information. 406 248-4508.



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