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Hardcore Armsport Proudly Presents


At The Hordens, Blackburn

15th April 2000

   Winners accumulated points according to finishing positions in all 3 disciplines  the right arm in-line, right arm off-set and left arm off-set.

MENS 70 Kg CLASS                             MENS 80 Kg CLASS

1st      Steve Rogers      (34 pts)                                    1st          Craig Sanders   (28 pts + 2 wins)

2nd     Mick Fielding      (32 pts)                                    2nd         Stuart Hall        (28 pts + 1 win)  

3rd      Dave Shaw         (22 pts)                                    3rd          Andy Barker    (26 pts)

4th      Tony Leigh         (18 pts)                                    4th          Nwabu Ugoala (20 pts) 

5th      Warren Barnes    (11 pts)                                    5th          Tony Kiss        (11 pts)               


MENS 90 Kg CLASS                                                     MENS 90Kg + CLASS

1st      Chris Andrews    (36 pts)                                    1st          Dean Watson    (36 pts)

2nd     Neil Pickup         (30 pts)                                    2nd         Paul Maiden      (28 pts)

3rd      Sean Deacon      (16 pts)                                    3rd          Dave Shea        (24 pts)

4th      Paul Mitchell       (12 pts)                                    4th          Mick Holland     (18 pts)

5th      Ross Yuill           (10 pts)                                    5th          Steve Morgan   (14 pts)


LADIES OPEN WEIGHT                                  OVERALL CHAMPION

1st      Susan Owen       (34 pts)

2nd     Elaine Pickup      (30 pts)                                           Dean Watson, Derby

3rd      Dionne Taylor     (26 pts)



1st      Christopher Murphy                                            1st          Nicholas Hall

2nd     Warren Barnes                                                   2nd         Anthony Carrington

3rd      Tony Kiss                                                          3rd          Mick Lawlor

4th      Tony Leigh                                                        4th          Steve Morgan

 Congratulations to Neil Pickup and Andy Barker for their successes at the Italian International held on 8th April 2000.

Neil won 1st place in 90Kg and 3rd in the over 80Kg Open category.

 Andy finished 4th in the 70Kg and wrestled in both Open weights!!!



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