A great opportunity for our sport now exists. A major producer of highly successful television shows is working on a possible TV series for our sport. All I can say at this point is that I will be working with them in several aspects of the creative process. In the early stages it appears that the majority of the show will be similar to a typical United States ArmSports tournament. The other part involves a need for flamboyant characters. Competitors who may appear to be unique and show it by extreme facial expressions or other unique characteristics. I can remember many competitors over the years that in the process of getting psyched up have gone through such antics as having their friends slap them, jumping and pounding on the table etc. We need video film showing these types of actions to see if the puller would qualify for the series in a special division. If you have any films of this nature or know of pullers that do, have the video sent to me at:

Dave Devoto
P.O. Box 156
Petaluma, CA 94953

I do not need the entire film but only that portion showing the requested scene.  I will be sending them to the major producer in Hollywood and will be unable to return them.

*Make sure you replicate your film so you will always have a copy.

This is a great opportunity and if you are aware of films showing these types of action you will really be helping your friends get involved with a unique new television series.



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