Greetings to our many Friends in Armwrestling 
Throughout the World
2001 our year of destiny


Many thanks to our hundreds of friends who sent cards and email during the Christmas season.  We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and warm affection.  It is a wonderful feeling to be the recipient of this type of correspondence from armwrestlers, promoters and people involved with our sport from around the World. I accept these communications with fond affection on behalf of all the members of United States ArmSports.  Words can't properly convey our heart felt appreciation.  

We are now at the threshold of a new era.  Our sport is being pulled in different directions and it is most difficult to find our way.  We know where we want to go but it is very frustrating trying to find the proper path.  More than anything else we want armwrestling unity in America and throughout the world.  Internationally we have the greatest bunch of athletes and tournament directors in the World.  Working together we are able to reach any goal we so desire.  Let us make this year our year of destiny. 

God bless you all,

Dave Devoto
(for all the members and directors of USA)



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