2001 Peppermill & Coors Light Southern Wyoming Armwrestling
Peppermill - Rawlins, Wyoming May 5th

Novice Right Hand 0-154: Mark Gregory/ Sean Dunn
Novice Right Hand 155-176: Travis Miller/ Brent Wilkes/ Todd Miller/Chris Rapp
Novice Right Hand 177-198: Nathan Langendorfer/ Ron Henderson/ Gene McDonald
Novice Right Hand 199+: Kevin Rapp/ Monty Menefee/ Ed Leroux

Menís Left Hand 155-176: Matt Garwood/ Chris Rapp/ Paylak
Menís Left Hand 177-198: Matt Garwood/ Dan Olson/ Gene McDowell
Menís Left Hand 199-242: Rich Simpson/ Lane Facer
Menís Left Hand 243+: Rich Simpson/ Lane Facer/ Billy Brown

Ladies Right Hand 0-121: Rhonda Blakey
Ladies Right Hand 144+: Rhonda Blakey/ Vicky Brown/ Vicki Mitchell

Menís Right Hand 0-154: Paylak/ Matt Garwood/ Neal Ellis/ John Brass
Menís Right Hand 155-176: Troy Easton/ Scott Davis/ Travis Miller/ David Torres
Menís Right Hand 177-198: Emlyn Williams/ Kevin Beller/ Dan Olson
Menís Right Hand 199-242: Lane Facer/ Rich Simpson/ Neal Ellis
Menís Right Hand 243+: Lane Facer/ Rich Simpson/ David Williams

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Emlyn Williams, Colorado
Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Rich Simpson, Colorado

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Rhonda Blakey, Utah

Best Sportsman Award: Dale Nelson 



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