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The Supermatch Results
of the World Armsport Federation
Championship in Japan 1999

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#1.  John Brzenk             USA               $5,000
#2.  Ibragim Ibragimov    Russia          $3,000

#3. Krister Johnson     Sweden             $2,000
#4. Gadgi Tagirov     Russia

The picture above is of course that of John Brzenk.  John also won the gold in the 100 kg left hand division.  He did not compete in the regular right hand division electing to save his arm for the supermatch.  It may be confusing to some because they may have noticed that the winner of the WAF tournament in Japan in the Masters Division (over 50 year of age) was won in both the left and right handed divisions by John Brzenk Sr.  This is John's dad.  To further confuse matters John Brzenk Sr's other son Bill Brzenk has won first place in WAF championships in prior years.  Then of course you have Renee and Lisa Brzenk (wives of John Jr. and Bill) who have been money winners in the 1998 Forsa Tropical International Armwrestling Championship in Curacao.  See the results at:  http://www.armwrestling.com/4sa.html   All in all the premier family in armwrestling.



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