Well i see that you didn’t receive my comments about your mouth and attitude very well. I was not taking pot shots at you, i was only telling you where i stand. I still feel that you don’t have to make yourself look or feel BIG by using foul language. It was and is not my intention to make myself look or feel Big by saying things about someone i never met. Thank you for the wishes for a speedy recovery for me, and i am glad you think because you broke your neck and back that even the "Likes" of me could beat you. Well don’t flatter yourself my friend, as i hear you have a weak wrist, and that makes you made to order for me, if you are wondering how you would lose, well, lets just say "Over the Top" No Rick, i hope you are not offended, as i think you are a great armwrestler, but let your matches speak for you, and not the words of a fool. Well i hope we do get the opportunity to "Pull" someday, and i am sure you will let me know where i stand with you!!!! Also, Rick, you probably want to tear me in half, like you do phone books, (awesome!!) but make sure you do it in the match, cause even a win by a disqualification is still a win. But i am confident that you will respect me, for letting you know where you stand with me. Plus Rick, if you ask around, you will see that i am really a nice guy, and i do not Disrespect anybody, i only feel that i also love the sport very much, and I don’t want people to think that Bullies like you are what we are all about. By the way, i didn’t know you broke your back, and neck, but i see that your ego has not been hurt.. Anyway, i am glad you have recovered well, and hope the world of armwrestling someday will see, a new "Born Again" Rick Zumwalt, on the circuit again..

Thank you for your reply and hope to hear from you soon!!

Sincerely, Sol "Arm and Hammer" Ingram.



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