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To All WAF Member Countries



Dear WAF Member,

 Following is a report on the very successful 18th WAF World Championships in Thunder Bay Canada where the WAF congress democratically elected a new Chairman and General Secretary.

(Please note all correspondence and fees should now be sent to Mr Willy Deneumostier of Belgium. No correspondence or monies to be sent to Mr Barij Baran Das or Mr Bob O'Leary).

This document shows how the constitution and democratic procedure were followed. Firstly to take the WAF World Championships to Canada, secondly the expulsion from WAF of Mr Bob O'Leary and the AAA and the replacement of Mr Barij Baran Das as General Secretary.

In Thunder Bay, Canada the official WAF congress was held on October 19, 1998 and as Mr. O'Leary, was absent Mr. Fred Roy of Canada chaired the meeting. Four of the Executive Committee Members were present from Europe/Asia/South America and North America. (Fred Roy's suspension from WAF was unjust and illegal for further information and proof contact David Shead).

The congress was held in a true democratic manor with the agenda being agreed and accepted by all. All countries were allowed to speak (time was taken to ensure non-English speaking countries understood). All points discussed and any motions voted on. Canada referred to the documented evidence of Mr. O'Leary continuously breaking the rules of the constitution and the corruption of two elections given in writing to WAF in India (contrary to Mr. Das's lies of no evidence).

The motion to expel Mr. O'Leary was not opposed by anyone as the evidence had already been seen. A vote was taken and Mr. O'Leary was expelled. It was also mentioned to replace Mr Das as General Secretary, a vote was taken to replace him. The congress also voted to recognize USA (United States ArmSports) instead of the AAA, as the AAA's constitution does not meet WAF's guidelines and everyone felt it would be better for the United States ArmSports to represent America for WAF. Mr Willy Deneumostier was elected as the new General Secretary for WAF for 2 years, the, whole congress then went on to elect Mr Fred Roy as the new chairman for an interim period of 2 years until the next election date.

Please take the time to check your constitution and you will see that the constitution and democracy was followed and four of the Executive Committee members were present making this the official World Championships and the official congress meeting with its decisions to be upheld.

There was no congress vote for the competition to be held in Cairo, the only officials that wished to go were Mr. O'Leary, who does not have a vote on the Executive committee and Mr Das who also does not hold a vote on the Executive committee. The only member with a vote was General Osman of Egypt and one vote from one Executive committee member does not decide the venue for World Championship. Therefore the competition and congress held in Cairo was not official.

Do not be misled by Mr O'Leary or Mr Das who are now expelled from WAF. Follow the new democratically elected Chairman Mr Fred Roy to the official WAF World championship in Japan. There you will see the constitution upheld, democracy followed and the rules abided by. So come and see for yourselves.


Yours in armsports,

Mr David Shead

Newly Elected Head Referee WAF 



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