Results from Reno Reunion II
Amateur Divisions


Ladies Right 122-143

1st Gerrie McGraw California

2nd Leah Kringle California

Ladies Right 144 & Over

1st Gerrie McGraw California

2nd Kelli Nelson California

Men’s Right 133-154

1st David Owens California

2nd Larry Greene Oregon

3rd Samuel Pagon Oregon

Men’s Right 155-176

1st Randy Weaver    California

2nd Joey Vierra    California

3rd Scott Partington California

Men’s Right 177-198

1st Mark Delatorre

2nd David Bieler Oregon

3rd Ricardo Palmerian California

Men’s Right 199-242

1st Corey Buchia

2nd Casey Szparaga Florida

3rd Allen Ferriera Oregon

Men’s Right 243 & Over

1st Bob Schaffer California

2nd Stretch California

3rd Conan Medak Washington

Men’s Left 133-154

1st Sam Pagan Oregon

2nd Larry Greene

3rd Tom Lakowsky Nevada

Men’s Left 155-176

1st Joey Vierra California

2nd Todd Peterson Oregon

3rd Doug Arnold Florida

Men’s Left 177-198

1st Eric Peterson Oregon

2nd Mark Delatorre California

3rd Ricardo Palmerian California

Men’s Left 199-242

1st Corey Buchia

2nd Allen Ferrierra Oregon

3rd Samuel Cardoso California

Men’s Left 243 & Over

1st Allen Ferreira Oregon

2nd Stretch California

3rd Ray Cote California



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