Thank You to
The Reno

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for a great tournament


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Barbara Woodward
holds the winnings for the armwrestlers


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Many thanks to Bill and Ginger Collins for a great tournament
Bill is President of Central California Armwrestling
A member of United States ArmSports

Results of the 1999 Reno Reunion
Armwrestling Championship


Ladies Pro Right 0-140  Carolyn Fisher, Stefani Burns, Judy Dodd, Gerrie McGraw
Ladies Pro Right 141+  Sherry Mundy, Carolyn Fisher, Kathy Hughes, Cynthia Yerby

Ladies Pro Left Carolyn Fisher, Sooz Ellis, Gerrie McGraw, Monica Wozniak

Ladies Amateur Left 0-143  Shannon Bush, Gerrie McGraw, Tina Berry, Debbie Edwards

Ladies Amateur Right 0-143 Gerrie McGraw, Shannon Bush, Debbie Edwards, Jessie French
Ladies Amateur Right 144+  Debbie Morris, Crystal Leleux

Men's Amateur Left 0-155 Pat Brown, Doug Berry, Chris French, Lary Feezor
Men's Amateur Left  156-177 Joey Vierra, Doug Berry
Men's Amateur Left  178-198 Eric Wolfe, Don Maloney, D.J. Galvan, Ricardo Palmerin
Men's Amateur Left  199-220  Jed Hughes, San Cordoso
Men's Amateur Left  221+ David Burns, Sam Cordoso

Men's Amateur Right  0-132  Lary Feezor, Austin Dellavella, Eric Woodward
Men's Amateur Right  133-143  Pat Brown, Michael Bertetto, Lary Feezor
Men's Amateur Right  144-154  Doug Berry, Ryan Tanner, Pat Brown
Men's Amateur Right  155-165  Doug Berry, William Humphrey
Men's Amateur Right  166-176  Joey Vierra, Lee Ecclesfield, Doug Berry
Men's Amateur Right  177-187  Eric Wolfe, Joey Vierra, Lee Ecclesfield, Stevenson Alexander
Men's Amateur Right  188-198  Troy Grinbergs, Eric Wolfe, D.J. Galvan
Men's Amateur Right  199-220  Mike Stansberry, Jed Hughes, Sam Cordoso
Men's Amateur Right  221+   Stretch, Chris Futhey, David Burns, Sam Cordoso

Men’s Pro Left 0-150 Mike McGraw, Dave Hicks, Mike Collins, Greg Gray
Men’s Pro Left 151-175 Kenny Hughes, Bill Ballinger, Terry Shapiro, David Bieler
Men’s Pro Left 176-200 John Brzenk, Bill Ballinger, Brian Brandon, Mark Shafer
Men’s Pro Left 201+ Eric Woelfe, John Land, Chuck Kendricks, Al Leger

Men’s Pro Right 0-150 Mike McGraw, Dave Hicks, Mike Boylan, Greg Cox
Men’s Pro Right 151-175 Kenny Hughes, Allen Fisher, Mike McGraw, Terry Shapiro
Men’s Pro Right 176-200 John Brzenk, Mark Pryor, Bill Brzenk, Brian Brandon
Men’s Pro Right 201-230 John Brzenk, Mark Pryor, Bill Brzenk, Al Leger
Men’s Pro Right 231+ John Brzenk, Eric Woelfel, Rick Vardell, Andy Fuller

Masters Right 0-165 Ed Wienholz
Masters Right 166-198 John Burgeson, Dennis Johnson, Ed Wienholz
Masters Right 199+ Merle Meeter, John Burgeson, Roger Collins

Grand Masters Right 166-198  Don Maloney, Charles Hughes
Grand Masters Right 199+  Merle Meeter, Charles Hughes, Manuel Serpa

Grand Masters Left 199+  Don Maloney, Merle Meeter, Charles Hughes




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