River Palms

Laughlin, Nevada



LAUGHLIN, NV...RIVER PALMS RESORT - HOTEL - CASINO   was the site for the Third Annual Bikers World Armwrestling Championship April 28th weekend. The championship was presented for the third year by the  River Palms Resort, Hotel and Casino with help from our good friends at Budweiser who have long been  a strong supporter of our armwrestling.

A huge crowd was on hand for this third annual Bikers World Armwrestling Championship in  Laughlin. Contestants was given a commemorative T-shirt of the event and the first three places were given plaques and bragging rights.

Thanks River Palms Resort, Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada and our good friends at Budweiser.  The ArmSports world sincerely appreciates the continued support of sponsors like River Palms and the many armwrestling events  sponsored each year by Budweiser.


Winners in each weight division were:

Masters Right Hand 0-165: Stephen Gilardi, CA./ Mickey, CA.

Masters Right Hand 166-198:Pat Ward, CA./Clayton Sullivan, and NV. /John
Burgeson, CA./Breck Pemerton, CA.

Masters Right Hand 199+: Clay Rosencranz, CA./John Burgeson, CA./ Wayne
Anderson, NV./ Steve Amaro, CA.

Ladies Right Hand 144+: Kathy Sorenson, CA./Teresa Russell, AZ./Terri
DeBow, CA./Lisa Atkinson, CO.

Menís Left Hand 0-154: Johnny Burgeson, CA./ Marchell Williamson, A.

Menís Left Hand 155-176:Terry Roach, NV. /"Rag Head", CA./Kevin
Kelley, AZ./Clayton Sullivan, NV.

Menís Left Hand 177-198: "Rag Head", CA./ Jeff Silvestri, CA./ John
Burgeson, CA.

Menís Left Hand 199+: Kody Merritt, UT./Clay Rosencranz, CA./Michael
Collins, CA./John Cowart, CA.

Menís Right Hand 0-154:Johnny Burgeson, CA./Manuel Celvillo, CA./Ben
Henry, AZ./Jesse Avendano, CA.

Menís Right Hand 155-176:Terry Roach, NV. / "Rag Head", CA./Taz, AZ./ Jason
Shook, AZ.

Menís Right Hand 177-198:Pat Ward, CA./ "Rag Head", CA./ Hector, TX. /
Clayton Sullivan, NV.

Menís Right Hand 199-242:George Follis, UT./ Wayne Anderson, NV. / Kelly
Hampton, UT. / Lee Pescola, CA.

Menís Right Hand 243+: Kody Merritt, UT./Bob Dillon, CA./ Earl Hirchert,
MT. /Clay Rosencranz, CA.



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