Do not flatter your self [about trying to compete with me], do not write articles about me [you lack the true information], do not mention the names of people [me] you never met, do not think that lack of attention will change by your attempt at slandering me! I hope others will look at your opinions and form there own opinions, not on what either of us say... but by what they know first hand... This petty assault you have found necessary to start... needs to stop, OK! I will not loose sleep over your dislike of me. Weak wrist???? me hardly, my bests if you would like to assault them are: 565 bench-3reps/250 dumbbell wrist curl, right/ cable triceps with 310 weight and John Brzenk standing on the stack /ez-curl bar with 315 lil swing... weak was not my problem! What’s yours, leave me alone in print, OK !

Big Rick ZumWalt



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