Reno Reunion 2001

JANUARY 20-21, 2001


Reno Reunion III Results
Reno, Nevada - January 20 & 21, 2001

Grand Masters Left 166-200: Joseph Churruza, Nv. / Charles Hughes, Ca.

Grand Masters Left 201+: Manuel "Wild Bill" Serpa, Ca.

Grand Masters Right 166-200: Joseph Churruza, Nv./ Charles Hughes, Ca./ Bill Rhodes, Ca.

Grand Masters Right 201+: Manuel "Wild Bill" Serpa, Ca./ Merle Meeter, Ca.

Masters Left 0-165: Ken Curtzwiler, Ca.

Masters Left 166-200: John Burgeson, Ca./ Ken Curtzwiler, Ca.

Masters Left 201+: Greg Johnston, Ak. / "Conan", Wa./ Chris Futhey, Ca./ David Sokolofsky, N.C.

Masters Right 0-165: Ken Curtzwiler, Ca.

Masters Right 166-200: Randy Weaver, Ca./ John Burgeson, Ca./ Ken Curtzwiler, Ca.

Masters Right 201+: Chris Futhey, Ca./ Greg Johnston, Ak./ John Burgeson, Ca./ Jeff Andrews, Ca.

Ladies Amateur Right 122-143:Sherri Murray, Or./Sonya Evans, Or./Kristy Cardoso, Ca./ Judy Cervantes,

Ladies Amateur Right 144+:Lisa Kirschman, Co./Chari Murphy, Ca./Carrie Mahle, Ca./ Patty Fanene, Ca.

Menís Amateur Left 133-154:Sam Pagan, Or.

Menís Amateur Left 155-176:Joey Vierra, Ca./Todd Peterson, Or./Joey Cardoso, Ca./Logan Michette, CT.

Menís Amateur Left 177-198:Troy Remaly, Nv./Paul Stevens, Ca./ John Burgeson, Ca./Steven Inzalaco, Ca.

Menís Amateur Left 199-242:Allen Ferriera, Or./Josh Clark, Id./Mark Evans, Or./Tom Nelson, Ca.

Menís Amateur Left 243+: Allen Ferriera, Or./ "Conan", Wa./ Mark Evans, Or.

Menís Amateur Right 133-154:Sam Pagan, Or./Ben Johnson, Nv. / Austin Dellavella, Nv./Scott Nelson, Ca.

Menís Amateur Right 155-176:Todd Peterson, Or./Joey Cardoso, Ca./Joey Vierra, Ca./Bobby Yates, Ca.

Menís Amateur Right 177-198:Jesse Gilliland, Al./Randy Weaver, Ca./Lee Ecclesfield, Ca./ Chris Boyd, Co

Menís Amateur Right Hand 199-242:Josh Clark, Id./Tom Nelson, Nv./Greg Johnston, Ak./Doug Brazda, Nv.

Menís Amateur Right 243+: Bob Shaffer,Ca./Manuel Cardoso, Ca./"Conan", Wa./ Eddie Varguez, Ca.

Menís Pro Left 0-154: Mike McGraw, Ca./Gene Dunn, Oh./Joshua Wright, Mt./Jason Murphy, Ca.

Menís Pro Left 155-176: Kenny Hughes, Ca./Eric Peterson, Or./ David Owens, Ca./ Josh Stark, Ct.

Menís Pro Left 177-200: John Brzenk, Ut./ Ed Goble, Ut./ Michael Todd, Ar./ David Bieler, Or.

Menís Pro Left  201+: Eric Woelfel, Ca./ David Burns, Ca./Kody Merritt, Ut./Chris Futhey, Ca.

Ladies Pro Right 136+:Mary McConnaughey, Ne./Carolyn Fisher, Ca./Cynthia Yerby, Ok./Debbie Morris, Ca.

Menís Pro Right 0-154:Mike McGraw, Ca./Gene Dunn, Oh./Ray Walston, Ca./Joshua Wright, Mt.

Menís Pro Right 155-176:Kenny Hughes, Ca./Allen Fisher, Ca./Eric Peterson, Or./ David Owens, Ca.

Menís Pro Right 177-198:John Brzenk, Ut./Ed Goble, Ut./Michael Todd, Ar. /Jesse Gilliland, Al.

Menís Pro Right 199-242:John Brzenk, Ut./Jarrod Levulett, Or./ John Waelty, Nv./ Chris Futhey, Ca.

Menís Pro Right 243+: John Brzenk, Ut./ Jarrod Levulett, Or. / Michael Todd, Ar./ Kody Merritt, Ut.



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