1999 Double Tree Inn California State Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship

Redding, California

February 27-28, 1999

Masters Right 166-198: Don Maloney, John Burgeson, Charles Hughes

Masters Right 199+: Don Maloney, John Burgeson

Masters Left 166-198: Don Maloney, Charles Hughes

Grand Masters Right 166-198: Don Maloney, Charles Hughes

Mens Amateur Left 0-154: Al Bond, Sean Town, George Somers

Mens Amateur Left 155-176: Eric Peterson, Curtis Barnett, Alexander Stevenson

Mens Amateur Left 177-198: David Bieler, Mike Wendland, Ted Gray

Mens Amateur Left 199+  Don Zellar, "Conan", Rick Mederios

Ladies Amateur Right 122-143: Jessie French, Amber Lafferty, Alexia Skeens

LadiesAmateur Right 144+: Debbie Morris, KathyHughes, Donna Eitner

Mens Amateur Right 0-154: Lee Ecclesfield, Al Bond, Jason Murphy, Justin Arrowsmith

Mens Amateur Right 155-176: Eric Peterson, Lee Ecclesfield, Adam Jobe

Mens Amateur Right 177-198: Troy Grinbergs, Mike Wendland, Ted Gray

Mens Amateur Right 199-242: "Stretch", Don Zeller, Johnathan Nagele

Mens Amateur Right 243: Bob Shaffer, Jerry Solari, "Conan"

Mens Right Hand Amateur Overall Champion: Troy Grinbergs

Mens Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion:  Eric Peterson

Ladies Amateur Overall Champion: Debbie Harris

Team Champions: Brew Crew Z  -  Washington/Oregon

Mens Novice Right 0-154: Greg Cox, Sean Town, Randy Markowith

Mens Novice Right 155-176: Mike Nystrom Jim Jarvis, Gilbert Ramirez

Mens Novice Right 177-198: Randy Weaver, Mark Shafer, Charles Whiting

Mens Novice Right 199+: Mike McWhorter, Jay Nova, Roger Houston

Mens Novice Left 155-176: Todd Spraggs, Jim Jarvis, Gilbert Ramirez

Mens Novice Left 199+: Allen Ferriera, Garruson Rogers, Charles Galvin

Mens Left Pro 0-176: Tim Storey, Eric Peterson

Mens Left Pro 177-198: David Bieler, Mark Shafer

Mens Left Pro 199+: Lance Kent, David Burns, Jarrod Levulett

Ladies Pro Right 0-121: Lisa Davis, Neely Washburn, Tasha Sumrall

Ladies Pro Right 122-143: Stefani Burns, Lisa Davis, Judy Cerrantes

Ladies Pro Right 144+: Sherry Mundy, Stefani Burns, Kathy Hughes

Mens Pro Right 0-154: Greg Cox, Michael McKenzie, Yasuaki Murata

Mens Pro Right 155-176: Kenny Hughes, Tim Storey, Herman McCoy

Mens Pro Right 177-198: Kenny Hughes, Jarrod Levulett, DJ Galvan

Mens Pro Right 199+: Jarrod LeVulett, Mark Pryor, "Stretch"

Mens Pro Right 243+:  Lance Kent, Chris Futhey, "Conan"

Mens Professional Left Hand Overall Champion: David Bieler

Mens Professional Right Hand Overall Champion: Mike Nystrom

Ladies Professional Right Hand Overall Champion: Sherry Mundy



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