2001  Red Lion Hotel
California State Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship

Redding, California

February 24, 25 2001

Masters Right Hand 166-198:Randy Weaver, Ca./John Burgeson, Ca./Jack
Adams, Nv./Nick Cocchi, Ca.

Masters Right Hand 199+: Leonard Harkless, Mt./ Chris Futhey, Ca.

Novice Left Hand 0-154: Tony Montgomery/ Paul Fortin

Novice Left Hand 177-198:Jason Baldwin/ Joey Cardoso/ Tony Muse/ John

Novice Left Hand 199+: Tom Nelson/ Jerame McCoy

Novice Right Hand 0-154:Shane Crosby/ Doug West/ Tony Montgomery/ Ryan

Novice Right Hand 155-176:Steve Benavides/ Michael Cocchi/ Paul Fortin

Novice Right Hand 177-198: Giordan Cruz/ Jason Baldwin/ John Anderson/
Tony Muse

Novice Right Hand 199+: Robert Zitterman/ Jerame McCoy

Men's Amateur Left 0-154:Jason Murphy/ Sam Pagan/ Paul Fortin

Men's Amateur Left 155-176: Mike Wendland/Brian Rowley/ John Burgeson/
Dave Cline

Men's Amateur Left 177-198: Todd Peterson/ David Hayward/ Ron Stanley

Men's Amateur Left 199+: Bob Shaffer/ Donovan Hutchings/ Allen Ferriera/
Rick Mederios

Ladies Amateur Right 0-121:Danyell Wilson

Ladies Amateur right 122-143: Lindsey Armfield/ Danyell Wilson

Ladies Amateur Right 144+: Melissa Chase/ Tammy Spitzer/ Lindsey
Armfield/ Tracy Kelley

Men's Amateur Right 0-132:Sean Town, Chad Love

Men's Amateur Right 133-154:Brian Curtis/Shane Crosby/ Steve
Benevides/Sam Pagan

Men's Amateur Right 155-176:Todd Peterson/ Dave Wendlandt/ Dave Hayward

Men's Amateur Right 177-198: Mike Wendland/Rod Van Gundy/ John Kellum/
Brain Rowley

Men's Amateur Right 199-242: Allen Ferierra/ Jonathon Naegele/ Brian

Men's Amateur Right 243+: Bob Shaffer/Donovan Hutchings/ Allen
Ferriera/Robert Zitterman

Men's Pro Left 0-154: Dave Hicks/ Gene Dunn/ Marlon Hicks/ Al Bond

Men's Pro Left 177-198:Kenny Hughes/ Neil Looker/ Eric Peterson/ John

Men's Pro Left 199+: Jarrod Levulett/ Allen Ferriera/ Kenny Hughes/ Chris

Men's Pro Right 0-154:Gene Dunn/ Marlon Hicks/ Greg Cox/ Al Bond

Men's Pro Right 155-176: Kenny Hughes/ Lee Ecclesfield/ Randy Weaver/
Eric Peterson

Men's Pro Right 177-198: Herman McCoy/ David Bieler

Men's Pro Right 199-242: Jarrod Levulett/ Chris Futhey/ Kenny Hughes/
Robert Zitterman

Men's Pro Right 243+: Ryan Hutchings/ Bob Shaffer/ Chris Futhey/ Arthur

Men's Pro Right Hand Overall Champion: Jarrod Levulett, Oregon

Men's Pro Left Hand Overall Champion: Dave Hicks, Canada

Ladies Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion:  Melissa Chase

Men's Amateur Left Hand Overall Champion: Mike Wendland, California

Men's Amateur Right Hand Overall Champion: Bob Shaffer, California

Professional Team Champions: "Motley Crue", Captain - Ryan Hutchings



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