Dave, Rick, or whoever was responsible for allowing the Big Z. to talk that way on the web page... Yes, Rick, we know you have a big mouth ! why do you and Dave have to use such tough language? Dave, you know I have been the most traveled armwrestler in the history of Petaluma, over 8 years from and representing Alaska. I have armwrestled the very best in the world for many years, ( Brzenk, Fisher, Edwards,.etc.) so, I never beat them ! but I always humbly said good match.. and I feel that good guys finish first, not bad boys like the Zumwalts... I feel that John Brzenk is a great asset to the sport, as not only is he the Best of the Best ever! but is truly a kind and considerate person who in five years with him in Petaluma, I have never heard him say a foul word, even when there was lousy refereeing during his match with John Buanato. Yes, that was his first of many dominating years as world champion. For the people that know me, being a veteran in the highest times at Petaluma, I feel that we have a great sport, and the less so called, Big Mouths we have in the sport the better off we are... Now, I have been fighting a hard battle with Cancer, but by the grace of God I am still here. As he continues to heal me, I am thinking about a possible return to the sport in which I love...So, to all my friends thanks for your prayers... and I hope to see you soon on the circuit, in the meantime, lets be decent, and use good common sense when we print letters from Bad Boys like Rick. So if you get this letter, I would like to hear your side, and your thoughts...

With warm wishes,

Sol "Arm and Hammer" Ingram.



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