Ray Darling's
resignation letter

American Armwrestling

June 24, 1998

American Armwrestling Association
Bob O'Leary
Scranton, PA

Dear Bob,

This is to serve notice that as of July 1, 1998 I am resigning the position of Director of National and International Affairs.

This would be a good time to start the process of allowing the membership to vote in new members of the board. The Nationals in Nebraska would be the perfect opportunity.

Twenty years of armwrestling has not diminished my love of the sport and I will continue to participate as a competitor, however 10 years on various Boards and Committees has not seemed to produce the results that I had hoped for. The constant backstabbing and second guessing, arrogance and ignorance of some other members of the board and some state directors has dampened my enthusiasm for wanting to be in the administrative end of Armwrestling.

I will continue to raise funds for Armwrestlers to help with travel expenses to International and World events through Friends of Armwrestling.


Ray Darling
cc: All Board of Directors
All State Directors


United States ArmSports salutes Ray Darling for his many years of contributions to the sport. Among his many other achievements, Ray was the key in the sports association with Yukon Jack and did much of the initial promotion on his own. The sport owes a debt of gratitude to Ray. We will watch him continue to compete and hope one day he will return with his many skills to the administrative end of the sport.

Editors note: A sincere thank you to the many state directors who furnished us with their copy of this letter.



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