National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship
Tahoe Biltmore Lodge - Crystal Bay, Nevada


Pro-Ladies Left 0-121 Judy Dodd, Nicki Dodd
Pro-Ladies Left 122-143 Carolyn Fisher, Gerry McGraw, Lorrie Schoner
Pro-Ladies Left 144+ Renee Layher, Laina King

Pro-Ladies Right 0-121 Judy Dodd, Nicki Dodd, Kelly Peterson
Pro-Ladies Right 122-143 Carolyn Fisher, Stefanie Burns, Judy Dodd, Lorrie Schoner
Pro-Ladies Right 144+ Sherry Mundy, Renee Layher, Laina King, Cynthia Yerby

Pro-Men’s Left 0-132 Patrick Brown, Greg Gray, Dobbs Pressley
Pro-Men’s Left 133-154 Earl Maughmer, Gene Dunn, Greg Waits, Jason Bushnell
Pro-Men’s Left 155-176 Kenny Hughes, Chris Rummage, David Bieler, Eric Peterson
Pro-Men’s Left 177-198John Brzenk, Jarrod Levulett, Alan Bown, Brian Brandon
Pro-Men’s Left 199-242  John Brzenk, Buckey Russell, Clay Rosencrans, Chris Futhey
Pro-Men’s Left 243+ Steve Phipps, Buckey Russell, Gordon Pierson, Conan Medak

Pro-Men’s Right 0-132 Greg Gray, Dobbs Pressley, Patrick Brown
Pro-Men’s Right 133-154 Mike McGray, Earl Maughmer, Gene Dunn, Mike Boylan
Pro-Men’s Right 155-176 Allen Fisher, Kenny Hughes, Mark Brandon, Chris Rummage
Pro-Men’s Right 177-198 John Brzenk, Brian Brandon, Allen Bown, Jarrod Levulette
Pro-Men’s Right 199-242 John Brzenk, Bucky Russell, Clay Rosencranz, John W. Brzenk Sr.
Pro-Men’s Right 243+ John Brzenk, Bobby Hopkins, Bucky Russelll, Chris Futhey

Men's Masters Right Age 40+  0-165 Greg Waits, Victor Torres
Men's Masters Right Age 40+  166-198 Dennis Johnson, Don Maloney, John Burgeson, Roger Collins
Men's Masters Right Age 40+  199+ Bobby Hopkins, Ed Orr, James Manuwa

Men's Masters Left Age 40+  0-165 Greg Waits, Victor Torres
Men's Masters Left Age 40+  166-198 Don Maloney, Charles Hughes
Men's Masters Left Age 40+  199+ Steve Phipps, Don Maloney, James Manuwa

Men's Grand Masters Right Age 55+  166-198 Don Maloney, Charles Hughes
Men's Grand Masters Right Age 55+ 199+ Merle Meeter, Don Maloney, Manuel Serpa

Ladies Masters Right Hand Age 40+ Open Division  Cynthia Yerby, Shannon Bush, Debbie Robertson

Ladies Am-Left 122-143 Gerrie McGray, Jimi Heffelfinger, Shannon Bush
Ladies Am-Left 144+ Liana King, Shannon Storres, Shannon Bush

Ladies Am-Right 0-121 Collette Evans
Ladies Am-Right 122-143 Gerrie McGraw, Shannon Bush, Jimi Heffelfinger, Collete Evans
Ladies Am-Right 144+ Debbie Morris, Shannon Storrs

Am-Men’s Left 0-132 Calvin Uyehara
Am-Men’s Left 133-154 Victor Torres, Jason Murphy, John Burgeson II, Calvin Uyehara
Am-Men’s Left 155-176 David Bieler, Mark England, Eric Peterson, Virgil Tedron
Am-Men’s Left 177-198 Rich Simpson, David Bieler, D.J. Galvin, Corey Cortez
Am-Men’s Left 199-242 Allen Fierra, James Manuwa, Tony Hartl, Mark Evans
Am-Men’s Left 243+  Steve Phipps, David Burns, Conan Medak

Am-Men’s Right 0-132  Calvin Uyehara
Am-Men’s Right 133-154 Billy Wilson, Victor Torres, Jason Murphy, Ryan Tanner
Am-Men’s Right 155-176 Eric Peterson, Joey Vierra, Mark England, Randy Weaver
Am-Men’s Right 177-198 David Owens, D.J. Galvin, Randy Weaver, Bret Freeman
Am-Men’s Right 199-242 James Manuwa, Tony Hartl, John Tores, Mark Evans
Am-Men’s Right 243+  David Burns, Conan Medak, Jim Franks, Bob Shaffer

Novice Right 0-154 Byron Harlow, Richard Gertslauer, Matt Gilbert
Novice Right 155-176 Mark England, Derrick Shottmeyer, Gilbert Ramirez, Grant Ledbetter
Novice Right 177-198 John Stanton, Grant Ledbetter, Jon Roberts
Novice Right 199+ Tom Wilson, Allen Ferriera, Aaron Rush, Norman Miller

Novice Left 155-176 Derek Stollmeyer, Mark England, Gilbert Ramirez, Garren Ballard
Novice Left 177-198 John Stanton, Bryce Leikel
Novice Left 199+ Allen Ferriera, Mark Evans

Men’s Pro-Right Overall Champion John Brzenk

Men’s Pro-Left Overall Champion Kenny Hughes

Ladies Pro-Right Overall Champion Carolyn Fisher

Ladies Pro-Left Overall Champion  Renee Layher

Best Sportsmanship Award Mike McGraw

Men’s Amateur Right Overall Champion Eric Peterson

Men’s Amateur Left Overall Champion Derrik Stollmeyer

Ladies Amateur Right Overall Champion Debbie Morris

Ladies Amateur Left Overall Champion Gerrie McGraw

Amateur Best Sportsmanship Award Lee Ecclesfield



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