Armwrestling Tournament Policy

USA have given a lot of thought regarding listing (or non-listing) of other associations events. You might have noticed that on the events page we had the AAA Nationals listed in 1998 but not much of anything else pertaining to them. I had hopes that things would open up and all associations might list all events regardless of which association held the tournaments. I don't think that is likely for 1999.

Therefore we have decided that beginning immediately, United States ArmSports will list ALL tournaments submitted.  I believe the old thinking was a little fuzzy. The bottom line is helping  pullers find tournaments where they can compete and improve their skills.

If you have any events you want listed send the information to the email address below.



ARMWRESTLING.COM- Dave Devoto (707) 537-7373

WEBMASTER- Gary Roberts (760) 468- 5459
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