2000 Oklahoma State Armwrestling Championships
Judy's Brickhouse-Midwest City

Menís Novice Right Hand 0-154: Matt Graham, Jesse Gibson

Menís Novice Right Hand 155-176: Steven Drake, Vincent Paluscio, Jason Purcell, Derek Matejka

Menís Novice Right Hand 177-198: Rodney Gregg, Jamie Ward, Josh Wagner, Brian McPherson

Menís Novice Right Hand 199+: Jeff Smith, Victor Wade, Brian McPherson, James Durham

Menís Left Hand 0-154: Johnny Irby, Bubba Savoy, D.J. Savoy

Menís Left Hand 155-176: Steven Drake, Randy Soileau, Jesse Gillespie, Vincent Paluscio

Menís Left Hand 177-198: Michael Todd, Aaron Lengyel, Joshua Plourde, Rodney Gregg

Menís Left Hand 199+: Walter Gurode, Don Underwood, Jarrod Bonaparte, Brandall Ward

Ladies Right Hand 122-143: Lorrie Schoner

Ladies Right Hand 144+; Dionne Norman, Cynthia Yerby, Lorrie Schoner, Michelle Sandifer

Menís Right Hand 0-132: Bubba Savoy, Nathan Savoy, Greg Lee, D.J. Savoy

Menís Right Hand 133-154: Donald Ray, Johnny Irby, Carl Wagnon, Nathan Wright

Menís Right Hand 155-176: Steven Drake, Jesse Gillespie, Travis Graham, John Evinger

Menís Right Hand 177-198: Michael Todd, Aaron Lengyel, Joshua Plourde, Stump Burton

Menís Right Hand 199-242: Walter Gurode, Michael Todd, Jeff Smith, Mickey Dockery

Menís Right Hand 243+: Don Underwood, Michael Todd, Bat Norman, Brandall Ward

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Walter Gurode    
  Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Donald Ray
Ladies Overall Champion: Dionne Norman
Best Sportsman Award: Don Fritsche



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