12th Annual Northern Nevada Classic
                               "Tug at the Tavern"
                         Joe's Tavern - Hawthorne, Nevada - May 18th

Ladies Right Hand 0-121: Cyndi Moss/ Beth Cichowiaz
Ladies Right Hand Open: Ann Harmon/ Suzette Farr/ Diane Schrepfer

Men's Left Hand 0-154: Dann Moss/ James Jeffries
Men's Left Hand 177-198: Dean Oberhanli/ Rick Mahaney
Men's Left Hand 199-242: Anthony Shaw/ Jeremy Mullen/ Bryan Garver/ Joe Bomback
Men's Left Hand 243+: Anthony Shaw/ Verle Lahre/ Jeremy Mullen/ Billie Wiliams III

Men's Right Hand 0-154: Dennis Ashbey/ Dan Moss/ James Jeffries
Men's Right Hand 155-176: Brandon Reeves/ Dan Moss/ Scotty Moss
Men's Right Hand 177-198: Brandon Reeves/ Rick Mahaney/ Dean Oberhanli
Men's Right Hand 199-242: Eddy Mendosa/ Bryan Garver/ Anthony Shaw/ Steve Crane
Men's Right Hand 243+: Jared Dooley/ Verle Lahre/ Anthony Shaw/ Billie Williams III



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