1998 Nebraska State Armwrestling Championship

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Chadron, Nebraska


Novice Right 0-154: John Sayaloyne, Detsinh Sayaloyne
Novice Right 155-176: Ray Nystul, Randy Weber
Novice Right 177-198: Travis Binger, Dan Stoltenberg, Fred Peters, Trent Tobiasson
Novice Right 199+: Toby Bartschi, Russell Towner, John Brusie, Codey Johnson

Ladies Left 122-143: Lorrie Schoner, Laura Smith, Amy Taylor

Mens Left 0-154: Blaine Lawrence, Kevin Harris, Travis Schaffo
Mens Left 155-176: Jason Silver, Neil Franchuk, Clint Fernandez, Andy Knick
Mens Left 177-198: Fred Peters, George Chase, Dan Stoltenberg
Mens Left 199+: Gorden Pierson, Matt Klingsporn, Matt Taylor

Ladies Right 0-121: Amy Taylor, Kimberly Olson
Ladies Right 122-143: Lorrie Schoner, Colleen Hasselhoff, Laura Smith
Ladies Right 144+: Mick McAuley

Mens Right 0-154: Kevin Harris, Ernie Herrera, Blaine Lawrence, Detsinnh Sayloyne
Mens Right 155-176: Jeff Ames, Jason Silver, Andy Knick, Damon Dantzler
Mens Right 177-198: George Chase, Dan Stoltenberg, Fred Peters
Mens Right 199-242: Allen Terwilliger, Bill Fitzgerald, Matt Taylor, Will Wild
Mens Right 243: Matt Klingsporn, Kevin Harris, Gorden Pierson, Matt Taylor

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Mick McAuley, Chadron, Ne.

Mens Left Hand Overall Champion: Jason Silver, Butte, Mt.

Mens Right Hand Overall Champion: Matt Klingsporn, Nebraska



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