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The Best Men's Armwrestlers in the World are Team USA
By Marty Soven

Thunder Bay, Ontario, is a dot on the map bordering Lake Superior. For three days the best men and women competitors from 17 countries armwrestled for National pride and World acclaim.

The host nation, Canada, known for hockey takes its armwrestling seriously. The pullers from Russia, Finland, Brazil, Japan, Sweden eat and sleep the sport. The American men just win.

American pullers were on unfamiliar ground. Different tables and rules were used which are uncommon within the United States. Yet the Americans proved the depth and skill fostered in sanctioned matches held in virtually every state. Armwrestling is a growing sport who's future lies in the Olympics.

The spirit of World Sportsmanship through Armwrestling was a class of physically handicapped participants. As they competed sitting down, Nations were forgotten and the human spirit to achieve won out.

The one overriding aspect of the sport is mutual respect.



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