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10th Year Anniversary
Golden Bear Tournament in Moscow, Russia

There is still time for you!

If, during your armwrestling career, you plan one major tournament outside of the United States this is it! 

                                 President Yeltsin greets Team USA in Moscow                                             JEFFJUMP.GIF (64848 bytes)

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President Boris Yeltsin with Team USA members
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Contact USA Team Manager Denise Wattles during office hours at 406 245-1560
to make arrangements.

For the first time in ten years we are opening this tournament to all Americans who wish to attend.  Your entire family is welcome - No restrictions - There is a time limitation so if you think you might want to go call Denise now!

Team USA in Red Square Moscow

Team USA

In April 1999 Team USA will compete in Moscow, Russia at the Russian Golden Bear Tournament. This will be year number ten for the American Team to journey to Russia to join thirty some other countries in this great tournament. Our first year was 1990 and we have witnessed great change over the years. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.



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