How long have you been in the sport?
Since 2000
How did you find armwrestling?
Searching Yahoo groups for Archery, Armwrestling was listed next..
First tournament experience?
1st right 2nd left, Upper Peninsula (Michigan) State Championships 
Favorite armwrestling experience?
Visiting the bar owned by Travis Bagents father. I was still a beginner, and got to hang out with a bunch of big time pullers. Brzenk, Bath, Selearis (check spelling) Nelson and a bunch of others. The bar has multiple armwrestling tables, lots of paraphernalia and history. Plus Tom Nelson bought drinks for the entire bar. ARMTV was there.

What are your goals with armwrestling?
To be, not necessarily the best in the country, but to definitely be knocking on that door. 
Best training tip?

Don't neglect recovery and recuperation work. Absolute strength and endurance are important, but if you get injured you can't compete. I feel chronic injuries are a symptom of improper training.
Who is your favorite armwrestler?
Joyce King
Lincoln Hawke
(add any other information about Todd Hutchings that the world doesn't know but would like to)
Go to church, it helps everything.
You the man!!
I'm just a man.

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Todd Hutchings



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