MAY 1998

Quite a few interesting things to tell you about. Bob O’Leary and Mr. Das have in their infinite wisdom seen fit to take the World Championship away from Canada and move it to Cairo, Egypt. It seems that Fred Roy (President of CAF) of Canada made the mistake of confronting Bob O’Leary on AAA & WAF policy. What ever was he thinking, that he was involved with a Democratic Association? Shame! Shame! Well it seems that Canada has decided to run the World Championship anyhow. They are sending out invitations to all countries involved. I understand that quite a few countries have already committed to coming to Canada. This could well be the beginning of a new World Federation for Armwrestling. From the people I have talked to this sounds like a great idea. A Federation that would try to promote the sport to it’s fullest potential. One with the best interest of the Armwrestler at the forefront. Quaint idea, wonder why the WAF & the AAA never thought of that. There will be a qualifier for the World Championship held in either Massachusetts or New York, so that the USA will be represented at the New World Championships. We are expecting competitors from all around the USA to attend this qualifier and that the USA will have a very strong team in Canada. If you look back in armwrestling history you will see that it all started with the USA & Canada. Looks like it may start all over again and this time it will be done right. More details on this as I receive them. Also more details on where the qualifier will be held. Don’t forget that when or if you go to Omaha for the AAA Nationals that you will be qualifying for Cairo, Egypt not Canada. We would like to wish all competitors that go to Omaha the best of luck.

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