Results at Las Vegas

Armwrestling International Inc.
Men's Lightweight Right Hand

1st. - Kevin Bongard, Eden, Utah

2nd. - Robert Redden, Baton Rouge, La.

3rd. - Cobra Rhodes, Baton Rouge, La.

4th. - Gary Stain, San Diego, Ca.

5th. - Bill Sinks, Wauconda, Ill.

Men's Open Right Hand

1st. - Ron Bath, Canton, Ga.

2nd. - Len Houghton, Lethridge, Alb., Canada

3rd. - Al Leger, St. Petersburg, Fl.

4th. - Jon Land, Murietta, CA.

Ladies Lightweight Right Hand

1st. Barb Zalepa, London, Ont., Canada

2nd. - Karen Curavoo, Weybridge, Vt.

3rd. - Angie Phillips

4th. - Tammy Beggs, Spokane, Wa.


Congratulations to you all!



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