Results Of 7th Annual White MT Armwrestling Championship


Men’s Right Hand Open


0-154: 1st. Norm Devio. 2nd. Michael Shalhoub. 3rd. Tim Sears. 4th. Paul Wilkosky

155-176: 1st. Dennis Debreuil. 2nd. Magoo. 3rd. Darren Courtemarche. 4th. Richard Lapham

177-198: 1st. Larry Fontaine. 2nd. Allen Stilkey. 3rd. Tim Brown. 4th. Paul Lemay

199-220: 1st. Sylvain Perron. 2nd. John Roberts. 3rd. Art Drews. 4th. Jim Martel

221-UP: 1st. Jerry Cadorette. 2nd. Paul Maurais. 3rd. Paul lessard. 4th. Will Hargrove


Men’s Right Hand Novice

0-154: 1st. Cassidy Barrier. 2nd. George Akkain. 3rd. Dave Leger

155-176: 1st. Mark Begin. 2nd. Peter Brown. 3rd. Ron Royston. 4th. Craig Joyce

177-198: 1st. Kevin Whittaker. 2nd. Aaron Johnson. 3rd. Ron Lockwood. 4th. Ron Stacy

199-UP: 1st. Richard Brown. 2nd. Forrest Allen

Men’s Left Hand

0-176: 1st. Dennis Debreuil. 2nd. Darren Courtemarche. 3rd. Rick Lemay. 4th. Tim Sears

177-UP: 1st. Sylvain perron. 2nd. Paul Maurais. 3rd. John Roberts. 4th. Jason Howgate

Women’s Open

0-132: 1st. Sylvie Maurais. 2nd. Kim Lapham. 3rd. Mary Gunnisson. 4th. Priscilla Bean

133-UP: 1st. Leane Dufresne. 2nd. Julie Dykeman.3rd. Pam Mason.


Referees were Tim Sears, Art Drews and Bill Cox.    Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox

There were 78 entrants.     Best Match: Michael Shalhoub and Tim Sears.



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