1998 Kansas State Armwrestling Championship

Sponsored by Kobi’s, Miller & Flying Monkey Brewing

Bonner Springs, Kansas

Mens Novice Right 155-176: James Wilson
Mens Novice Right 177-198: Ryan Edmiston, Tom Smith, Steve Campbell
Mens Novice Right 199+: Aaron Burns, Tom McDaniel, Keith VanDruff, Scott Peffer

Mens Left 0-154: Tim Clem, Steve Maxwell
Mens Left 177-198: Pat Beare, Tim Clem, John Kobialka, Steve Campbell
Mens Left 199+: Pat Beare, Darrin Robinson, Scott Peffer, Mike Burgess

Ladies Right 0-121: Robin Halstead, Andrea Messinger
Ladies Right 122-143: Vicki Kobialka, Chandra Rademacher, Stephanie Bulman, Kelly Evans
Ladies Right 144+: Cynthia Yerby, Terrie Searan

Mens Right 0-132: David Holden, Fred Messinger
Mens Right 133-154: Wayne Burns, Tim Clem, Bill Jarvela, Dave Quick
Mens Right 155-176: Harley McAuley, James Wilson, James Burgess
Mens Right 177-198: Pat Beare, Omar Jama Ledden, Justin Mynatt, Blaine Mathews
Mens Right 199-242: Omar Jama Ledden, Rick Welch, Tom McDaniels
Mens Right 243+: "Big Frank", Aaron Burns

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Cynthia Yerby

Mens Left Hand Overall Champion: Pat Beare

Mens Right Hand Overall Champion: Wayne Burns

Best Sportsman Award: Kelly Evans



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