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July 1998

It appears that the AAA and WAF have started a chain reaction of events that got out of their control. Now they are trying to cover everything up and pass the blame on to anyone that they can. They like to play fact or fiction by presenting their side of the story and hope that everyone will just blindly believe them. This has worked in the past but I believe the Armwrestlers of today are smarter than to believe everything told to them by AAA and WAF.

Fact: WAF took the World Championship away from Canada.

Fact: WAF is trying to make everyone believe it was the fault of Canada.

Fact: The Worlds Armwrestling Championship will be in Canada.

Fact: There was a change of venue before. The person awarded the World Championship made the mistake of confronting the AAA on some bad calls against his people, he was told that he was not a team player and later the World Championship was taken from him and given to a team player.

Fiction: AAA and WAF does not tell others how to run their organizations.

Fact: AAA has told their members not to compete at any tournament that is not sanctioned by them. (Very Democratic?) They have gone so far as to suspend members that have competed at tournaments run by other associations.

Fact: The beginning of a New World Association is now a reality.

Fiction: A few countries have committed to come to Canada.

Fact: Some thirty countries have committed to compete in Canada.

Fiction: The heads of these other associations are all promoters out to make money.

Fact: A lot of the Directors of these other associations are Armwrestlers, as well as referees, trainers and yes "PROMOTERS". As for making money from armwrestling tournaments, those days are few and far in between.

Fact: The AAA magazine is full of advertisement for Boss Vitamins and Supplements. Doesn’t Bob O’Leary own Boss Vitamins? Maybe he donates the profits back to charity. Good for you Bob!

Fact: The WAF is the largest Armwrestling Federation right now.

Fiction: The WAF will probably stay the largest?

I personally have been running tournaments both for the AAA and the International Armwrestling Federation for about 15 years. I have put back 100 times what I have taken and anyone that knows me knows that is the truth. I am a Promoter but I am also a Referee and have been a competitor. I am happy to be a part of the International Armwrestling Federation and United States ArmSports and hope to be a part of the New World Association. Hopefully we will be able to promote the sport to a new level of acceptance throughout the World and not let the power go to our heads as it has to others in the past.

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International Armwrestling Federation
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