Hello Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayer and support in this time.  The trial date
concerning the apricot seeds situation is Monday July 14th 2003 at 9:00 am.  Please
pray and fast on Wednesday for victory, wisdom and safety.   The papers to the
court case can be found at 
http://www.seedoffaith.org/  In the most recent hearing last
week, judge John Gleeson refused to allow me more time.  I released the
federal defender that they had supplied me with because she knows nothing of FDA law
or the new DSHEA law (Dietary and Supplement Health and Education Act) 
Please pray...Jeffery Denner is an attorney who needs God Speed..pray for Lou as
well who is doing paper work.

On a happier note, it has been 9 years to date and I still have not heard of
even one person out of the 30,000 or so we have dealt with, claim that they
still developed cancer after eating the seeds.  It just doesn't happen.  As
many of you know I was terminal with cancer, ate the apricot seeds and the cancer
shrunk.  After selling the seeds to tens of thousands, I received hundreds of
testimonials of people who claim their cancer stopped in its tracks and
reversed.  Then of course the FDA raided and took the computers and supplies and
brought me to court...not necessarily in that order.  People who take chemo and
radiation have more complications, but even in those cases pain dissipates,
spreading was halted, and appetite increased.  Dr. Kreb's theory that the
answer to cancer was in the seed just like the answer to scurvy was in the lemon,
Pellagra in yeast and so on and so on. (Rickets and Beri Beri and Anemia also
vitamin deficiencies.)

Michael Kane, who had Burkits Lymphoma 5 years ago is still in top condition
after starting on seeds and other nutrients.  Anthony Morea's tumors are all
shrunk down with seeds and nutrients only...his cat scans can be found at


 Mr. Floyd has liver cancer, carpel tunnel, swollen legs, toe
fungus, arthritis....after drinking the DMSO, his carpal is gone after 25 yrs of
pain, fungus gone and no more swelling.  He is eating the seeds consistently
to help his main problem. 

If you have been healed of cancer over the last years and are willing to
testify, please call Jason at 718-264-2325, otherwise please be there in spirit
and prayer.  United States Courthouse, 225 Cadman Plaza E, Brooklyn, NY  11201 Ph

The Christian Brothers Defense fund can be found at

A Not for profit organization.


Christian Brothers,

Micky, Janet, Jason Vale, Rich and Billy



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