January 1998

Hope everyone's Holidays were super and that you received everything that you wished for and that the New Year will bring about a lot of good things for Armwrestling. Membership has dropped off a little over the holidays and we hope that will change with the new year. This is your sport and it is up to you to help promote it. You should try to make as many contests as possible. Bring a friend and see if they might be interested in joining. It seems that some people are trying to advance the sport to a higher level of acceptance like in the case of the (USA ) United States ArmSports while others, to remain nameless for now, seem to be trying to destroy morale and cause problems for all that oppose their views on Armwrestling. All associations aside, this is still American and all armwrestlers should be able to speak their mind without fear of reprisal. You should be able to join whatever association you choose and be allowed to compete whenever and wherever you choose without the fear of being blackballed. I hope the new year will bring about many good changes for our sport.

Team USA Moscow 1998

Team USA Moscow is off to a great start and there are only a few spots left for anyone that would like to attend. The Team will leave Wednesday April 22, 1998 and return April 29, 1998. The total cost to participate in this trip and the 1998 "Gold Bear" International ArmSports Championship is less than $2,000. There is an "I support" program to help pay for the cost. In 1995 and 1996 we had the opportunity to meet President Yeltsin and we look forward to that chance again. It is a great opportunity for all armwrestlers. In addition to the Professional Classes there will also be non-cash classes offered. The Gold Bear Statues that are awarded are unbelievable prizes to bring home. If your are interested in attending please call Denise Wattles at 406 248-4508 in the evenings.

Team USA Belgium 1998

Team USA is putting together a team from the United States to attend the 7th Annual International Armwrestling Challenge in Rochefort, Belgium July 31st and August 1st 1998. This will be the first time that the United States has been represented in this tournament and we are looking forward to meeting new armwrestlers from all over the World. Dave Devoto was at this event last year and said he would return with Team USA. We will leave July 29, 1998 and return August 6, 1998. We will spend 4 days in Belgium and 4 days in Paris, France during the 8 day stay. Due to the popularity of this tournament we will have to limit the number on the Team to 30. This is an excellent tournament and we hope you can attend. There are no qualifiers for this Team USA Belgium 1998 so if you are interested in attending please call Denise Wattles at 406 248-4508 in the evenings.

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