There seems to be a lot of viruses being sent around the computer.  You need to make sure that your Virus software is up to date or it may not work with a lot of the new viruses being sent out by persons unknown.  My computer ended up with 57 viruses that my software did not catch.  It not only cost a lot of money to clean the computer up but a lot of programs and files were lost in the process.  If you receive an e-mail with a large attachment or one with no apparent material showing on the screen do not open it, delete it right away.  The e-mail may come from someone you know but it really didnít come from them.  The new virus attacks e-mail addresses and resends itself to every e-mail address it can find.  Better safe than sorry.  If not sure call the person and ask if they sent you an e-mail with a large attachment.  My computer was down for about 3 weeks.

            The N.E. Arms Challenge was held at Sports Rock USA in Bristol, CT. on 7/20/02.   There were 65 entries from 6 states and 13 kids.  Meet Directors were Victor & Arlene Sargent.  Referees were  Jan Schmeichel, Victor Sargent and Bill Cox. Bracketts done by Gerry Cox.  Menís Right Hand Open:  0-154:  1st. Norm Devio(MA). 2nd. James Retarides(CT). 3rd. Eric Miron(CT).   155-176:  1st. Josh Stark(CT). 2nd. Logan Miclette(CT). 3rd. Victor Sargent(CT).  177-198:  1st.  Allen Stilkey(RI). 2nd. Joshua Plourdes(CT). 3rd. Ron Ermine(CT).   199-220:  1st. Ron Ermini(CT). 2nd. Allen Stilkey(RI). 3rd. Joshua Plourde(CT).  221-UP:  1st. Peter Milano(CT). 2nd. Harry Bean(NH). 3rd. Kurt Howgate(ME).   Menís Right Hand Novice:  0-176:  1st. Jared Plourde(CT). 2nd. Bryon Young(CT). 3rd. Jim LeFleur(CT).  177-198:  1st. Sean Culman(CT). 2nd. Herman Jaelbert(CT). 3rd. Jack Dietrick(PA).  199-UP:  1st. Shane Cyr(CT). 2nd. Eric Russell(CT). 3rd. Sean Sergas(CT).  Menís Left Hand:                                                                                          

0-176:  1st. Josh Stark(CT). 2nd. Logan Miclette(CT). 3rd. Norm Devio(MA).  177-UP:  1st. Harry Bean(NH). 2nd. Kurt Howgate(ME). 3rd. Allen Stilkey(RI).   Womenís Right Hand:  0-143:  1st. Katrina StLaurent(ME). 2nd. Priscilla Bean(NH). 3rd. Debra Newport(CT).  144-UP: 1st. Cindy Looney(CT).  2nd. Arlene Sargent(CT). 3rd. Katrina StLaurent(ME).    Teens:  1st. MattTomesky.  2nd. Brent Langwin. 3rd. Stephen Thayer.   Kids:  4/6yrs:  1st. Justin StLaurent.  2nd. Zackary Sargent. 3rd. Harry Bean IV.   7/9yrs:  1st. Andrew Sobolinski.  2nd. Heather Howgate.  3rd. Ryan Newport.  10/12yrs:  1st. Troy Flaning.  2nd. Stephen Thayer.  3rd. Jessie Brackett.  Referees were Jan Schmeichel. Victor Sargent, Josh Stark and Bill Cox.  Bracketts done by Gerry Cox.

The 9th Annual Budweiser Armwrestling Challenge was held on 8/10/02 at the Elkís Pavilion in Attleboro, MA.  There were 44 entries plus 24 kids.  Meet Directors were Bill & Gerry Cox.   Results:   Menís Righ Open:  0-154:  1st. Gabe Accardi(MA). 2nd. Tim Sears(MA). 3rd. Tim Layton(ME).  155-176:  1st. Josh Syark(CT). 2nd. Logan Miclette(CT). 3rd. Tony Kaiser(CT).  177-198:  1st. Allen Stilkey(RI). 2nd. Josh Stark(CT). 3rd. Ron Klemba(CT).  199-220:  1st. Allen Stilkey(RI). 2nd. Rich Seekins(MA).   221-UP:  1st. Marcio Barboza(NJ). 2nd. Kurt Howgate(ME). 3rd. Harry Bean(NH).    Menís Right Novice:  0-198:  1st. Eric Buccaria(MA). 2nd. Rick Torres(MA). 3rd. Peter Conant(MA).  199-UP:  1st. Carl Connor(MA).  2nd. Kenny OíNeil(MA). 3rd. Scott Carlson(MA).  Menís Left:  0-165:  1st. Victor Sargent. 2nd. Tony Kaiser(CT).  166-198:  1st. Allen Stilkey(RI). 2nd. Josh Stark(CT). 3rd. Logan Miclette(CT).  199-UP:  1st. Marcio Barboza(NJ). 2nd. Kurt Howgate(ME). 3rd. Allen Stilkey(RI).  Womenís Right Open:  0-132:  1st. Arlene Sargent(CT). 2nd. Debra Newport(CT). 3rd. Priscilla Bean(NH).  133-UP:  1st. Cindy Looney(CT). 2nd. Carrie Wilson(CT).   Kids:  4/6yrs:  1st. Nickolis Accardi.  2nd. Harry Bean IV.  3rd. Zachary Sargent.   7/9yrs:  1st. Jennifer Easton.  2nd. Heather Howgate. 3rd. Ryan Newport.  10/12yrs:  1st. Troy Flannery. 2nd. Stephen Thayer. 3rd. Joel Hernandez.   Teens:  1st. Jason Torres. 2nd. Stephen Thayer. 3rd. Troy Flannery.  Open Overall winner was Marcio Barboza(NJ).  Novice Overall Winner was Eric Buccaria(MA).  Referees were Tim Sears, Jan Schmeichel, Chris Gangi and Bill Cox. Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.

                                                                      Upcoming Events 

          10/26/02.  The 3rd Annual Connecticut Fall Classic Championship will be held at SportsRock USA located at 177 Farmington Ave(rte6) in Bristol, CT.  There will be 19 weight classes for Men and Women plus Kids classes.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Custom Jacket for all 1st place finishers.  Plus two overalls for mens right hand classes.  For more info call Meet Director Josh Stark at 860-584-2267  or for directions call Sports Rock USA at 860-583-1669. 

          11/10/02 to 11/17/02.   XXIII  World Armwrestling Championship.  To be held at the Hilton Springfield in Springfield, Illinois. 

11/10/02   Team Arrivals             11/11/02    Team Arrivals

11/12/02    Team Registration   9AM till 12:30PM

11/12/02    Continental Congree Meeting  2:30PM to 3:30PM

11/12/02    WAF Congress Meeting   4:30PM to 8PM

11/13/02    Weigh-ins start at 8AM to 6PM

11/13/02    Referee Training   1PM

11/14/02    Opening Ceremony

11/14/02    Competition starts at 10AM  for Men & Women Masterís Right and Left Hand.   Menís Grand Master Right Hand Only.  All Disabled Divisions.

11/15/02    Competition starts at 10AM.  All Left Hand Divisions

11/16/02    Competition starts at 10AM.  All Right Hand Divisions

11/16/02   Final Celebration and Banquet Dinner at 7PM

11/17/02   Excursion into St Louis.

11/18/02   Team Departures

Hilton Springfield, 7th & Adams, Springfiled, IL. 62701.  Reservations must be made by 10/21/02 to Guarantine Rate of $75.00 per room.  For reservations call 217-789-1530.  For more info call 406-245-1560.  For additional info check out the info posted on the IAF site and United States Armsport site(   Come be a part of History.



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