September  2001 

            With so much happening in our country now it is hard what to think or expect next.  I know that most of you must know someone that was affected in one way or another by the terrorist attacks.  I believe that all they accomplished  was to unite America all the stronger.  What we all need do now is remember that we are in the right and that we will overcome all this in the end.  Also we must remember that this was the act of a single terrorist group, not a foreign country.  All the people living in America are all American no matter where they came from.  So we must stand together, donít point fingers at neighbors or fellow workers, as they are all Americans like you.  This is the time for all to come together and stand as one country.  United and stronger than ever.

             With the end of the year comes time for voting for your choice for Armwrestler Of The Year.  Next month you will receive a ballot for your choice.  This ballot must be received by us no latter than November 15th.  Anything received after then will not be counted.  Remember that your vote only counts if you send it back. 

             We would like to remind everyone that we have a new web site. It is there for everyone to use.  There is a chat room that can be used anytime a group wants to get together.  Also a message board that you can post messages or tournaments on, also results.  This message board is open to all.  Any and all tournaments posted there will remain there.  Our links page is growing fast.  Also we have a link to World Times.  This link will tell you what time it is anywhere in the world. Helpful for foreign tournaments or for trips.  There is also a directions link to help you find your way to tournaments.  If you have any armwrestling pictures you fell should be seen send them to us. This is your web site so be sure to use it often.                                                                                     


            The Maine State Armwrestling Championship was held at the Mousam River Steahkouse in Sanford, ME.  Meet directors were Jason & Kurt Howgate. There were 80 entries from 7 states.  Results:  Menís Right Open.  0-154.  1st. Marc Gaeta(MA).  2nd. Ben Frenette(ME).  3rd. Scott Leroux(NH).  155-176.  1st. Josh Stark(CT).  2nd. Aaron Overburg(MA).  3rd. Steve Black(NY).  177-198.  1st. Chris Meyers(NY).  2nd. Ron Ermini(CT).  3rd. Ron Klemba(CT).  199-220.  1st. Allen Stilkey(RI).  2nd. Ron Ermini(CT).  3rd. Greg Curatola(ME).  221-UP.  1st. Jason Howgate(ME).  2nd. Jim Patterson(MA).  3rd. Ronny Bean(NH).  Menís Left.  0-176.  1st. Josh Stark(CT).  2nd. Steve Black(NY).  3rd. Logan Miclette(CT).  177-198.   1st. Chris Meyers(NY).  2nd. Ron Klemba(CT).  3rd. Mike Neilson.  199-UP.  1st. Kurt Howgate(ME).  2nd. Harry Bean(NH).  3rd. Jason Howgate(ME).  Menís Right Novice.  0-176.  1st. Jeff Kaiser(ME).  2nd. John Shotwell(MA).  3rd. Tom B;ake(ME).  177-198.  1st. Rick Ruil.  2nd. Scott Stanley.  3rd. Mike Neilson.  199-UP..  1st. Darren Barbeau.  2nd. Brian Lapila(CT).  3rd. Tom Blake Jr(ME).  Womenís Right Open.  0-132.  1st. Katrina StLaurient(ME).  2nd. Pam Farino(CT).  3rd. Priscilla Bean(NH).  133-UP.  1st. Julie Dykeman(ME).  2nd. Dina Fortuna(NY).  3rd. Arlene Sargent(CT).  Menís Open Overall Winner was Jason Howgate(ME).  Menís Novice Overall Winner was Darreb Barbeau.


            October 13.  The 50th Anniversary Worldís Wristwrestling Championship will be held at the Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building in Petaluma, CA.  There will be a total of $5,000.00 in cash and prizes awarded to the pro classes.  There will be 35 weight classes for men and women including right, left master and women.  Champion T Shirts to all 1st place in all Open, Masters & Grand Masters classes.  Custom Championship Medals for 1st thru 3rd in all Novice classes.  There will be a lot of competitors from other countries on hand this year. Come be a part of History.  50 Years and still growing.  For more info call 707-778-1430, 406-248-4508 or check out the USA web site for updates. The site is

               October 27.  The 2nd Annual Connecticut Fall Classic Armwrestling Championship  will be held at Starstruck Karaoke Restaurant in Plainville, CT. There will be 19 weight classes for men & women including a Masters class for men plus 3 classes for kids.  All classes will receive Custom 3D Plaques for 1st thru 3rd.  1st place in Menís Open, Left, Masters and Womenís will receive an Embroidered Satin Jacket by Exper-Tees.  Kids will receive Custom Medals for 1st thru 4th place. For more info call Josh at 860-584-2267.

              November 18.  The 2001 Can-Am Armwrestling Championship will be held at the Holiday Inn in Taunton, MA.  There will be 19 weight classes for men & women.  Menís Right, Left, Right Masters and Womenís Right.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Special awards for all four overalls.   For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958 or check out any changes or updates on the IAF web site:   

             January 12/13.  Reno Reunion International Pro/Am Armwrestling Championship will be held at the Sands Regency Casino & Hotel in Reno, NV.  There will be classes for Menís Open, Amateur, Novice and Masters.  Womenís Right Open.  There will be $8,500.00 in cash and awards given away.  1/12/02. Menís Open, Masters and Women.  1/13/02.  Amateur and Novice.  Special room rates of $29.00 per night. Stay 3 nights and Sunday night is just $19.00.  For reservations call 800-648-3553 and ask for group rate ARM111.  For more info call Denise at 406-248-4508   or Bill at 209-826-2873.  

February 23.  The 2002 Connecticut State Armwrestling Championship will be held.  For more info call CT State Director Josh Stark at 860-584-2267.

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