Sorry that I have gotten behind, my computer crashed and then I got a virus that wiped out a few things.  Hopefully all is fixed and there will be no further trouble.  Of course each membership will be extended 2 months to try and balance things out fairly.            

            I have just returned from Vacation and also the World Championships held in Virginia.  The contest was not what I had expected.  There were some excellent matches but the attendance was way down from the one held in Virginia in 1996.  There were a lot of countries listed that had only one or two people there and a few that had no one there that I could see.

The USA won the Overall Championship by a very narrow margin. Brazil finished 2nd and Turkey took 3rd place. 

             Just prior to the Worlds was the Tournament at the Paradise Beach Club in Weirs Beach, NH.  There were 68 entrants plus 17 kids from 7 states.  Meet Directors were Harry & Priscill Bean

This event was a benefit for a little girl that is very sick. The contest raised around $1,000.00 to help the girl and her parents. This was a very worthwhile event that Harry & Priscilla undertook.

Results: Menís Right Open:  0-154.  1st. Joe Casale(CT). 2nd. Logan Miclette(CT). 3rd. James Retarides(CT).  177-198.  1st. Josh Stark(CT). 2nd. Jim Martel(NH). 3rd. Tim Brown(NH).  199-220. 1st. Paul Maurais(VT). 2nd. Ray Goulet Jr(NH). 3rd. William DeGroot(MAS).  221-up. 1st. Jason Howgate(ME). 2nd. Ronnie Bean(NH). 3rd. Kurt Howgate(ME).   Menís Right Novice:  0-154. 1st. Dana Boudreau(NH). 2nd. Jeremy Pickering(NH). 3rd. Rick Gendreau(NH).  155-176. 1st. Peter Tallman(NH). 2nd. Robert Brown(NH). 3rd. John Shotwell(MA).  177-198. 1st. Corey Lord(NH). 2nd. Scott Dulac(NH).  199-up. 1st. Ray Bilodean Jr(NH). 2nd. Brian Lapila(CT). 3rd. Kevin Brunnell(NH).  Menís left: 0-165. 1st. Richard Gravel(VT). 2nd. Joe Casale(CT). 3rd. Logan miclette(CT). 166-198. 1st. Jim Martel(NH). 2nd. Tim Brown(NH). 3rd. Josh Stark(CT).  199-up. 1st. Paul Maurais(VT). 2nd. Kurt Howgate(MER).  3rd. Jason Howgate(ME).  Womenís Right Open: 0-132. 1st.  Sylvie Maurais(VT). 2nd. Paula brunnell(NH). 3rd. Paige  McDaniels(NH).  133-up. 1st. Angela Vaillancourt(NH). 2nd. Tina Colangeli(NH). 3rd. Katrina StLaurent(ME).   Kids:  4/6.  1st. Kyle  Sheerin(NH). 2nd. Spencer Maurais(VT). 3rd. Ronnie Bean Jr(NH).  7/9. 1st. Janine Lopez(CT). 2nd. Stephen Thayer(MA). 3rd. Ashlyn Soboliski(NH).  10/12.  1st. Joswe Riveria(CT).   2nd. Alicia Bean(NH).  3rd. Jared Genareau(NH).   Referees were Harry Bean, Jan Schmeichel and Bill Cox.  Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.      



OCTOBER 2000  

               It is time to vote for your choice of Armwrestler of the Year.  Your vote counts, but only if you send it back.  Keep in mind when you vote what the person does to promote the image of armwrestling,  good sportsmanship and attitude. Donít vote only for the person that wins all the time.  We are looking for someone that is an all around armwrestler.  Someone that supports the sport when ever the chance arises.   You need to send in your ballot no later than the end of November for the results to be in the December Newsletter.  We will also have the results of the Points Championship posted in December. 





               Nov 18.  The Can-Am will be held at the Johnson & Wales Inn on Rte 44 in Seekonk,MA.  There will be menís Right, Left and Masters Divisions plus Womenís Right.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus cash awards. There will be a Special Award for the four Overall Winners.  Drawings for Prizes.  For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958. 



               Dec 9.   The 16th Annual Massachusetts State Armwrestling Championship will be held at the Mill Hill Club on Rte 28 in W. Yarmouth, MA.  There will be 14 weight classes for men & Women plus 3 classes for Kids.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus cash awards.  For directions call the Mill Hill at 508-775-2580  or for more info call Bill at 508-947-8958.



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