The World Championship in Finland seems to have been a big success.  It was held in Rovaniemi, Finland on Nov. 7,8,9.  They had 18 countries there with 428 entries.  Actual number of individual competitors was 241.  Russia won the Overall Team Championship with Finland 2nd, Canada 3rd and the USA finished in 4th place.  The World Championship next year will be in Poland. In 2001 in the USA and 2002 in Canada.  More on this in another newsletter.

                         The WAF that is run by Mr Das was supposed to hold their Championship in Brazil for 2001.  As of now that is not the case.  Humberto Panzietta from Brazil has withdrawn their proposal to host the championship.  He feels that Brazil was treated unfairly in Virginia Beach at this years championship.  In an e-mail I received from Humberto, he states that he is unhappy with the way the Federation is being run. To please a few and forget about the rest.  More on this also as we receive updates.


            1st Annual CT Fall Classic was held in Plainville, CT.  There were around 80 pullers on hand from 7 states plus a team from Brazil.  Meet Director was Josh Stark.  Bracketts were done by Pam Farino.  Referees were Tim Sears, Tim Simpco and Bill Cox.    Men'í Right Hand Open:  0-154.  1st.  Norm Devio(MA).  2nd. Fernando Ferreira(Brazil).  3rd. James Retarides(CT).  155-176.  1st. Mickey Buckus(CT).  2nd. Josh Stark(CT).  3rd. Steve Black(NY).  177-198.  1st. Ron Ermini(CT).  2nd. Mike Selearis(NY).  3rd. Chris Meyers(NY).  199-220.  1st. Marcio Barboza(Brazil).  2nd. Mike Selearis(NY).  3rd. Rick Couto(MA).  221-242.  1st. Marcio Barboza(Brazil).  2nd. William Degroot(MA).  3rd. Phil Huntington.  





 243-UP.  1st. Jason Howgate(ME).  2nd. Chris Gangi(CT).  3rd. Marty Sovern(NY).   Menís Right Hand Novice.  0-154.  1st. Erik Miron(CT).  2nd. John Valenta.  3rd. Nick Valenta.   155-176.  1st. Jesse Givens(CT).  2nd. Jesse Viera(MA).  3rd. John Pappaluno.  177-198.  1st. Steve Shoemaker.  2nd. Jeff G.  3rd. Junior Lopez(CT).  199-UP.  1st. Tony Galliardi.  2nd. John Ohl(PA).  3rd. Fran Saucier.  Menís Left Hand.  0-176.  1st. Josh Stark(CT).  2nd. Fernando ferreira(Brazil).  3RD. Steve Black(NY).  177-220.  1st. Mike Selearis(NY).  2nd. Marcio Barboza(Brazil).  3rd. Allen Stilkey(RI).  221-UP.  1st. Kurt Howgate(ME).  2nd. Jason Howgate(ME).  3rd. Dan Frenn.   Womenís Right Hand Open.  0-132.  1st. Kim Lapham(MA).  2nd. Mary Gunnison(MA).  3rd. Jennifer Pacheco(Brazil).  133-UP.  1st. Danya Baker(CT).  2nd. Dina Fortuna.  3. Mary Gunnison(MA).  Menís Lightweight Overall winner was Norm Devio(MA).  Menís Heavyweight winner was Marcio Barboza(Brazil).

             The Can-Am Championship was held on Nov. 18.  There were 99 entries from 8 states, Canada, Turkey, Georgia(Russia) and Brazil.  Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.  Referees were Tim Sears, Badger Drews and Bill Cox.   Menís Might Hand Open.  0-154.  (19 entrants)  1st. Norm Devio(MA).  2nd. Richard Gravel(VT).  3rd. Tim Sears(MA).    155-176.  1st. Josh Stark(CT).  2nd. Steve Black(NY).  3rd. Eric Lavarlie(PQ).  177-198.  1st. Mike Selearis(NY).  2nd. Ron Ermini(CT).  3rd. Allen Stilkey(RI).  199-220.  1st. Marcio Barboza(Brazil).  2nd. Paul Mauris(VT).  3rd. Jim Fitzsimmons(MA).  221-242.  1st. William Degroot(MA).  2nd. Corey Bussell(ME).  3rd. Bob Baker(MA).  243-UP.  1st. Jerry Cadorette(MA).  2nd. Reggie Ward(CT).  3rd. Jason Howgate(ME).    Men;s Right Hand Master(40+).  0-154.  1st Bob Columbe(NY).  155-176.  1st. Roy Ramsland(NY).  2nd. Bob Columbe(NY).  3rd. John Shotwell(MA).  199-220.  1st. Ray Darling(NY).  2nd. Rick Brunnell(NH).  3rd. Jim Fitzsimmons(MA).  221-UP.  1st. Harry Bean(NH).  2nd. Badger Drews(NH).  3rd. Marty Sovern(NY).   Menís Left Hand Open.  0-154.  1st. Tim Sears(MA).  2nd. Richard Gravel(VT).  3rd. Steve Gagne(PQ).  155-176.  1st. Eric Lavarlie(PQ).  2nd. Josh Stark(CT).  3rd. Roy Ramsland(NY).  177-198.  1st. Mike Selearis(NY).  2nd. Allen Stilkey(RI).  3rd. Jim Fitzsimmons(MA).  199-220.  1st. Paul Maurais(VT).  2nd. Mike Selearis(NY).   3rd. Ray Darling(NY).  221-UP.  1st. Paul Maurais(VT).  2nd. Kurt Howgate(ME).  3rd. Jason Howgate(ME).    Womenís Right Hand Open.  0-121.  1st. Kim Lapham(MA).  2nd. Sylvie Maurais(VT).  3rd. Susan Ferreira(RI).  122-UP.  1st. Katrina StLaurient(NH).  2nd.  Priscilla Bean(NH).  3rd. Donata Jenkins(CT).    Menís Open Overall winner was Jerry Cadorette(MA).  Mensís Left Hand Overall winner was Paul Maurais. Menís Master Overall winner was Ray Darling(NY).  Womenís Overall wimmer was Kim Lapham(MA). 



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