MARCH 2002

          As the year progresses there seems to be more older armwrestlers coming back to the sport.  Some are recovering from injuries or just want to give it another try.  Whatever the reason it should help the sport.  There is a wealth of armwrestling knowledge out there just going to waste.  Perhaps some of these older armwrestlers will stay on as coaches or trainers.  Others will continue to compete in the masters divisions.  What the new armwrestlers need to do is to pick their brains for any help they can provide.

            There is a new poll on the IAF web-site. It asks who is or was the best armwrestler of all time.  At present the polls say Brzenk then Patton.  Be sure and cast your vote.  There have also been some changes to the web site. There is a new page there for beginners with tips on training.  There is also a video showing different positions on the table.  The tournaments and results page has been changed and hopefully it will be a lot easier to read events.  If any member knows of a tournament they would like to put on the tournament page just e-mail a flyer and we will post it there.  The same with results.  For anyone that doesnít know the address: ( ).  We have also changed our e-mail address to .  In the future we are going to put together a page with e-mail address of armwrestlers Worldwide.  If any of you would like to be placed on that page send me your name, e-mail address and any info you would like displayed there. 


          February 23.   The Connecticut State Championship was held at Starstruckís Restaurant and Pub in Plainville, CT.  There were 87 entries from 7 states.  Meet Director was Josh Stark.  Referees were Jan Schmeichel, Josh Stark, Victor Sargent and Bill Cox.  Brackets were done by Gerry Cox.


Menís Right Open


1.     Michael Surplus(PA)  2. Norm Devio(MA)  3. James Retarides(CT)


1.     Josh Stark(CT)  2. Tony Kaiser(CT)  3. Logan Miclette(CT)


1.     Ray Darling(NY)  2. Allen Stilkey(RI)  3. Joshua Plourdes(CT)


1.     Ray Darling(NY)  2. Paul Stark(CT)  3. Joshua Plourdes(CT)


1.     Rob Bigwood(NJ)  2. Brian Lapila(CT)  3. Jeff Gerimia(CT)


1.     Jason Howgate(ME)  2. Peter Milano(CT)  3. Chris Ganghi(CT)


Menís Right Novice


1.     Eric Morin(CT)  2. Lloyd Ryder(CT)  3. Paul Ducharme(CT)


1.     John Morton(CT)  2. Ed Riotte(CT)  3. James DiCyr(CT)


1.     Mark DíOnfrio(CT)  2. Dan Soreese(CT)  3. Luigi Guardia(CT)


1.     Ed Tessier(CT)  2. Eric Chocevetes(CT)


1.     Skip Hasbrock(CT)  2. Mike Riotte(CT)  3. Eric Stewart(CT)


Menís Left


1.     Josh Stark(CT)  2. Logan Miclette(CT)  3. Jack Dettrick(PA)


1.     Allen Stilkey(RI)  2. Tim Brown(NH)  3. Ray Darling(NY)


1.     Kurt Howgate(ME)  2. Jeff Staley(ME)  3. Jason Howgate(ME)


Womenís Right Open


1.     Katrina StLaurent(ME)  2. Karen Martin(CT)


1.     Arlene Sargent(CT)  2. Katrina Kazuch(CT)  3. Tina Miron(CT)


1.     Cindy Looney(CT)  2. Danielle(CT)  3. Jen Ermini(CT)


Menís Right Open Overall Winner:  Ray Darling

Menís Right Novice Overall Winner:  Skip Hasbrock

Menís Left Overall Winner:  Jason Howgate



           4/27/02.  The 10th Annual White MT Championship will be held at the OldeTimbermill Pub at the Mill at Loon MT in Lincoln, NH.  There will be 14 weight classes for men & women. Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus a Gift Certificate from the Olde Timbermill Restaurant.  Special room rate: $50.00 per night.  Must ask for armwrestling rate.  For more info call Bill:  508-947-8958.

           5/25/02.  The 4th Annual Delaware Valley Strong Arm Challenge will be held at the Philadelphia Park Racetrack in the Pennsylvania State Fair in Bensalem, PA.   There will be 13 weight classes for men & women. Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958. 

           6/15/02.  The 4th Annual Bikers Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Broken Spoke Saloon on Rte 3 in Laconia, NH.  There will be 13 weight classes: Menís Right, Left, Menís Right Masters and Womenís Right Open.  Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Contest starts at 3PM.  For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958. 



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