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March 2001  

   I would like to start off this month newsletter with a training tip submitted by my friend Rick Blanchard from Ontario, Canada. Rick is the president of the Ontario Armwrestling Association. This will help develop your hand strength. Grab your daily newspaper, open a page, with one hand take the corner of the paper and crunch it in your hand until itís in a ball in the palm of your hand, keep crunching until it is the smallest you can make it. Take another page and repeat this process until you exhaust that hand then change hands. This technique will develop your hand size and finger movement. "Finger walk with muscle". It will also give you an overflow on your forearm muscle. This is a change from the hand spring. Pass this on to friends.

There appears to be a growing interest in armwrestling this year. With a lot more tournaments and larger turnouts at these tournaments. Donít know if this is a result of a large amount of young armwrestlers coming into the sport or perhaps the easy access for all to both information and also to other armwrestlers that has come about as a result of the Internet. The internet does make information more easily accessible. Instead of hearing about a contest 3 weeks after it is over we now can check out all upcoming events covering a large area of the country in a matter of minutes online. This also seems to have brought back quite a few of the older armwrestlers that have been away from the sport for a couple of years. Whatever the reason I hope it continues well into the future. Check out the IAF site:


March 17. St Patrickís Day Twist Off. Held at Keenanís Roadhouse on Rte 16 in North Conway, NH. Meet Directors were Harry & Priscilla Bean. Referees were Jan Schmeichel, Jim Martel, Harry Bean & Bill Cox. Brackets were done by Priscilla Bean, Sylvie Maurais & Gerry Cox. There were in excess of 60 pullers on hand for this event Results: Menís Right Open. 0-154. 1st. Norm Devio(MA). 2nd. Dana Bourdeau(VT). 3rd. Tim Bushy. 155-176. 1st. Josh Stark(CT). 2nd. Mickey Buckus(CT). 3rd. Pete Tallman(NH). 177-198. 1st. Steve Bailagerion(NH). 2nd. Tim Brown(NH). 3rd. David Brien(RI). 199-220. 1st. Allen Stilkey(RI). 2nd. Jim Martel(NH). 3rd. Ray Goulet(NH). 221-UP. 1st. Paul Maurais(VT). 2nd. Ronnie Bean(NH). 3rd. Kurt Howgate(ME). Menís left: 0-165. 1st. Norm Devio(MA). 2nd. Richard Gravel(VT). 3rd. Jessie Vieira(MA). 166-198. 1st. Josh Stark(CT). 2nd. Tim Brown(NH). 3rd. Tyler Maynard(VT). 199-UP. 1st. Paul Maurais(VT). 2nd. Kurt Howgate(ME). 3rd. Ronnie Bean(NH). Menís Right Novice: 0-154. 1st. Tim Bushey. 2nd. Paul Cherello(NH). 3rd. Vincent Boucher. 155-176. 1st. Ned Sullivan. 2nd. Aaron Johnson. 3rd. Tim Johnson. 177-198. 1st. Scott Roy. 2nd. Chet Gordon. 3rd. Dave Getchus. 199-UP. 1st. Mike Cononi. 2nd. Chuck Bussell 3rd. Brian Lapila. Womenís Right Open. 0-132. 1st. Sylvie Maurais(VT). 2nd. Celine Brien(RI). 3rd. Priscilla Bean(NH). 133-UP. 1st. Arlene Sargent(CT). 2nd. Julie Dykeman(ME). 3rd. Lisa Lewis(ME). Kids: 4/6yrs. 1st. Spencer Maurais(VT). 2nd. Alex Gravel(VT). 3rd. Vincent Boucher(NH). 7/9yrs. 1st. Andrew Sobolinski(NH). 2nd. Chelsae Bean(NH). 3rd. Mianca Maurais(VT). 10/12yrs. 1st. Erica Ermini(CT). 2nd. Stephan Thayer(MA). 3rd. Tyler Gobel(NH). Teens: 1st. Devin Layton(ME) 2nd. Alicia Bean(NH). There were 6 states represented.

April 28. The 9th Annual White MT Championship will be held in the Timbermill Restaurant & Pub at the Mill At Loon Mt on Rte 112 in Lincoln. NH. There will be 13 weight classes for men & women. Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus a Dinner for two at the Timbermill Pub for all 1st place finishers. Special room rate of $50.00 per night for armwrestlers and friends(mention armwrestling). Awards for Armwrestler Of The Year and the top 3 finishers in the point championship will be presented at intermission. For reservations call 800-654-6183. For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958.

May 19. The 17th Massachusetts State Championship will be held at the Mill Hill Club on Rte 28 in W. Yarmouth, MA. There will be 14 weight classes for men & women plus 3 classes for kids. Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes. For info call Bill at 508-947-8958.

May 26. The Delaware Valley Strong Arm Challenge will take place at the PA State Fair in Bensalem, PA.There will be 12 weight classes for men & women. Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes. This event is being held at the Philadelphia Park Race Track. For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958.

June 16. The 3rd Annual Bikers Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Broken Spoke Saloon on Rte 3 in Laconia, NH. There will be 13 weight classes for men & women. Menís Right, Left and Right Masters(440+) and Womenís Right Open. Awards for 1st thru 3rd in all classes. For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958.

August 4/5. 2001 USA Unified Nationals. To be held at the AVI Casino & Hotel in Laughlin, NV(South of Las Vegas). Open classes will be run on Saturday the 4th and Masters & Grand Masters will be run on Sunday the 5th. Custom Medals for 1st thru 4th in all classes. This is the only qualifier for the World Championship to be held in Poland. Free Tee Shirts to 1st 200 entrants. Special room rate(mention armwrestling)

All WAF weights will be run. For reservation 800-284-2846. For more info call 406-248-4508 or 702-535-5555.

July. Possible tournament in the Sanford, ME area. More info to follow in next newsletter.

August 11. The 8th Annual Budweiser Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Elkís Pavilion on Rte 152 in Attleboro, MA. There will be 14 weight classes for men& women plus e classes for kids. Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes. This is part of a fun filled day for the whole family. A Barbecue, Carnival, Dance Band and a great day of tough pulling with some old friends and some new ones as well. For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958.

November 11. The Budweiser Can-Am Championship will take place at the Holiday Inn & Conference Center just off Rte 495 in Taunton, MA.

This tournament will take place over Veterans Day Weekend. There will be 20 weight classes for men & women. Menís Right, Left, Right Masters(40+) and Women's Right . Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus special overalls for each division. Cash Awards if 6 in class. Cash Awards: 1st $50. 2nd. $25. Special room rates for armwrestlers. For reservations call 508-823-0430. For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958. Come pull the Best!!

I would like to remind our members that the IAF web-site is there for their use. Also that our chat room is back online on Tuesday night at 9pm est.



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