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We found the trouble with the chat room. The server (anexa) went out of business with no notice.  Therefore the IAF site was lost totally.  We have just finished putting together a new IAF web site.  It is different from the other site. We have a new and improved chat room, which is still on Tuesday night at 9PM.  We also have added a message board to post upcoming events and past results, plus anything else of interest to the armwrestlers.  There is a photo album on the main page and another one on the events & links page.  Only 1 picture now but we will update as soon as possible.  There are 23 links to other armwrestling sites on page two.  Also an armwrestling poll, so make sure you vote.  Please check out the new site and let us know your thoughts. is the new address.




          The Harley Pull was held at the Ramada Inn in Montpelier, Ohio.

Menís Novice Right.

0-154     Jeremy Plaster=Rod Lumbardo=John Martinez=Eric Handy

155-176  Joe Archer=Harold Ryden=Tom Spencer=Lanny Julian

177=198   John Wilson=Robert Zielger=Bart Wood=Matt White

199-220     Tom Nelson=Casey Szparaga=Adam Barnett=Steve Wright

221-UP  Chad Nofziger=Matt Prichard=Mark Cooper=Mike Wright


Menís Novice Left

0-165     Jeremy Plaster=Mike Lance=Josh Engels=Harold Ryden

166-198  Gus Bush=Steve Shoemaker=Ty Moll=Robert Ziegler

199-UP  Joe Gould=Bill Nelson=Mike Wright=Matt Prichard


Ladies Open Right

OPEN  Dalia Medziausyte=Karen Curavoo=Sherry Watson=Donna Long


Menís Open Left

0-165     Engin Terzi=Michael OíHara=Rick Soliwoda=Totraz

166-198     Kevin Bongard=Kenny Hughes=Bob Sawick=David George

199-UP  Dan Victor=Travis Bagent=John Brezenk=Marcio Barboza


Menís Open Right

0-154     Engin Terzi=Dave Patton=Olin Lucas=Craig Tullier

155-176     Bill Sinks=Cobra RhodesTony= Picchioldi=George ?

177-198     Kevin Bongard=Brian Brandon=Mike Selearis=Jason Remer

199-220     John Brezenk=Marcio Barboza=Bucky Russell=Mike Bowling

221-UP  Eric Woelfel=Ron Bath=Earl Wilson=Dan Victor


Open left Overall

Dan Victor=Kevin Bongard=Engin Terzi=Mike OíHara=Travis Bagent


Open Right Overall

John Brezenk=Kevin Bongard=Eric Woelfil=Marcio Barboza=Ron Bath


A Harley key was presented to each of the Right Hand winners plus the Right & Left Overall winners.  Harley Sportster winner was Kevin Bongard.


The Maine State Championship was held at the Mousam River Steak House in Sanford, ME.  There were 80 entries from 7 states.

Menís Right Open

0-154  Marc Gaeta(MA)=Ben Frenette(ME)=Scott Leroux(NH)

155-176     Josh Stark(CT)=Aaron Overburg(MA)=Steve Black(NY)

177-198     Chris Myers(NY)=Ron Ermini(CT)=Ron Klemba(CT)

199-220     Allen Stilkey(RI)=Ron Ermini(CT)=Greg Curatola(ME)

221-UP  Jason Howgate(ME)=Jim Patterson(MA)=Ronny Bean(NH)

Menís Right Novice

0-176     Jeff Kaiser(ME)=John Shotwell(MA)-Tom Blake(ME)

177-198     Rick Ruel(ME)=Scott Stanley(ME)=Mike Neilson(ME)

199-UP  Darren Barbeau(ME)=Brian Lapila(CT)=Tom Blake Jr

Menís Left

0-176     Josh Stark(CT)=Steve Black(NY)=Logan Miclette(CT)

177-198     Chris Myers(NY)=Ron Klemba(CT)=Mike Neilson(ME)

199-UP  Kurt Howgate(ME)=Harry Bean(NH)=Jason Howgate(ME)

Womenís Right Open

0-132     Katrina StLaurent(ME)=Pam Farino(CT)=Priscilla Bean(NH)

133-UP  Julie Dykeman(ME)=Dina Fortuna(NY)=Arlene Sargent(CT)


Overall Winners

Right Open.  Jason Howgate(ME)     Right Novice. Darren Barbeau(ME)

Referees were Josh Stark, Allen Stilkey, Harry Bean, Becky Levesque.

Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.  Meet Directors were Jason and Kurt Howgate.  Super tournament.


          August 4/5.  The 2001 Unified Nationals will be held at the AVI Casino & Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada.  Open classes will be run on Saturday the 4th and the Masters & Grand Masters will be run on Sunday the 5th.  Custom medals for 1st thru 4th in all classes.  This is the only qualifier for the Worldís Championship being held in Poland in late November/early December.  First & second in all classes will qualify to represent the US in Poland.  WAF rules will apply.  Free tee shirt to the 1st 200 entrants.  Special rates at the AVI for armwrestlers and friends. Must mention armwrestling. For reservations call 800-284-2946.  For more info call 406-248-4508 or 702-535-5555.

           August 11.  The 8th Annual Budweiser Armwrestling Challenge will be held at the Elkís Pavilion on Rte 152 in Attleboro, MA.  There will also be a Carnaval, Barbecue and Dance Band. A fun filled day for the entire family. There will be 14 weight classes for men & women plus 3 classes for kids.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958 or e-mail me at

           September 15.  The 2001 Rhode Island State Championship will be held at Stickeyfingers on Douglas Ave in Providence, RI. There will be $3,600.00 in Cash Awards plus Etched Jade Crystal trophies for the Open Classes.  Novice will receive Plaques for 1st thru 3rd in all classes. You may only enter one class right and one class left in the Open Classes.  Weigh-ins from 10AM till Noon. Contest starts at 12:30PM sharp. No late entries. There will be 7 weight classes for menís right & left open plus one class for the Ladies unless there is enough interest.

There must be at least 6 entries in the class to qualify for the money.  All proceds will go to the St Patricks Soup Kitchen in Providence, RI.  For more info call Allen or Barbara-Jean at 401-433-4301.

           October.  Tenative tournament in CT.  More info next newsletter.

           Noverber 11.  The Can-Am Championship will be held at the Holiday Inn, exit 9 off Rte 495 in Taunton, MA. There will be 21 weight classes for men & women. Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes.  Menís Right Open & Novice, Menís Left, Menís Right Masters(40+) and Womenís Right Open.  Special room rates for armwrestlers and friends. Must mention armwrestling.   For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958 or e-mail me at

           January 12/13 2002.  The Reno Reunion International Pro/Am Championship will be held at the Sands Regency Hotel & Casino in Reno, NV.  There will be $8,500.00 in Cash & Awards.  There will be 10 weight classes for men & women in the Open classes.  There will be 9 weight classes for men & women in the Amateur classes.  There will be 4 weight classes for men & women in the Novice class.  There will be 3 weight classes for Menís Masters Right(40+).  The Men & Womens Open classes plus the Menís Masters will be held on 1/12/02.  The Novice and Aaateur classes will be held on 1/13/02.  Room rates are $29.00 per night. For reservations call 800-648-3553 and ask for group Code ARM111.  For more info contact Bill Collins at 209-826-2873 or Denise at 406-248-4508.

 Bill Cox



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