December 2001



          The World Championship in Poland and from the reports I have been receiving it will be the biggest World’s ever. They had 809 entries from 29 countries.  This years World’s also held competition for youths as well.  The top 3 countries at the World’s were: 1st. Russia.  2nd. Canada.  3rd. USA.  For complete results check out the IAF web site. For pictures check out:  Next year the World Championship will be held in the St Louis area on Nov. 14/15/16.  Also the Unified Nationals will be held in the same area on Aug. 2/3/4.


          The Points Championship was close again this. Top 10 Results:

1st. Allen Stilkey (RI).   2nd. Josh Stark (CT).   3rd. Kurt Howgate (ME).   4th. Jason Howgate (ME).   5th. Logan Miclette (CT).   6th. Ron Ermini (CT).   7th.  Harry Bean (NH).   8th. Priscilla Bean (NH).   9th. Kim Lapham (MA).   10th. Julie Dykeman (ME).  Congratulations to all these armwrestlers.

           With the end of the year comes the choice of Armwrestler Of The Year.  This year voting was the closest ever.  In 4th place was Jesse Viera (MA); with 4 more votes there was a tie for 2nd. between Allen Stilkey (RI) and Logan Miclette (CT). Then with a mere 2 vote advantage over these fine armwrestlers was your choice for Armwrestler Of The Year: Josh Stark (CT).  We would like to congratulate Josh on his victory as well as all the armwrestlers that work to help our sport grow

           Hopefully everyone is aware that the European Armsport Federation that was split into two factions will be unifying next year.  You can find info on this on the IAF site.  After the great showing at the World’s in Poland there should be a shift towards unification there. Don’t look for this to happen too soon.  United States Armsport has sent a proposal to AAA for Unification to help our sport grow. This is not an offer to merge, just to come together under one name, one National. There is a copy of the proposal and follow up letters between USA and AAA posted on:  Check it out and discuss it with your friends to see what they think.

                     If USA and AAA can join together along with the Unification of the two EAF federations then Unification of the two WAF federations won’t be far behind. This will be a big step towards our goal of reaching the Olympics.


          January 12/13. 2002.  The Reno Reunion International Pro/Am Armwrestling Championship will be held at the Sands Regency Casino and Hotel in Reno, Nevada.  There will be classes for Men’s Open, Amateur, Masters and Women’s Open.  There will also be $8,500.00 in cash and awards given away.  Special room rates of $29.00 per night, stay 3 nights and the 3rd night will be $19.00.  For reservations call 800-648-3553 and ask for group rate Arm111.  For more details call Bill @ 209-826-2873 or Denise @ 406-248-4508.

           February 23. 2002.  The Connecticut State Championship. More info next newsletter or call Josh @ 860-584-2267.

           March 9. 2002.  The Can-Am Armwrestling Championship will be held at the Holiday Inn in Taunton, MA. There will be classes for Men’s Right, Left, Masters and Women’s Right.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes. Special awards for all 4 Overall Winners. Room rates are $99.00 per night; if you stay a 2nd night it will be $89.00.  Reservations must be made before February 22nd.  For reservations call 508-823-0430 For more info call Bill @ 508-947-8958.

           The IAF would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and an even better New Year.



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