DECEMBER 2000    

          The voting this year was somewhat light, but not undecided.  No recount will be needed to determine the members choice for the Armwrestler Of The Year 2000.  It is our State Director from CT, Josh Stark.  Josh makes an outstanding choice as he more than aptly fit all the requirements.  He is always a good sport, always willing to help someone and he goes out of his way to promote our sport.  My best to you Josh.

          The Points Championship was a little closer.  We would like to congratulate all the members for such a good year.  Attendance was up as well as membership.  The results are as follow below:  

1.  Josh Stark                                        2.  Allen Stilkey

3.  Norm Devio                                       4.  Harry Bean

5.  Kim Lapham                                      6.  Priscilla Bean

7.  Mary Gunnisson                                8.  Jerry Cadorette

9.  Tim Sears                                         10. Paul Maurais 

          Remember that you must be a member in good standing to accumulate points.  Points are figured on your highest finish at any sanctioned IAF event.  Points are awarded for 1st thru 4th place on a scale of 10=7=4=1.  Theses points are counted on your best finish either right or left.   


          The 16th Annual MA State Championship was held on 12/9/00 at the Mill Hill Club in W.Yarmouth, MA.   There were 49 entrants plus 14 kids from 6 states.  Referees were Dale Urbank and Bill Cox. Bracketts were done by Gerry Cox.  Menís Right Hand Open:  0-154. 1st. James Retarides(CT). 2nd. Ralph Smith(NY).  155-176.  1st. Jeremy Durfee(NY). 2nd. Josh Stark(CT). 3rd. Brian Fitzgerald(MA).  177-198.  1st.  Ron Ermini(CT).  2nd. Allen Stilkey(RI). 3rd. Tim Brown(NH).  199-UP.  1st. Joe Yacisen(MA).  2nd. Jason Howgate(ME).  3rd. Kurt Howgate(ME).   Menís Right Hand Novice:  0-176. 1st. Jessie Viera(MA). 2nd. Eric Larsen(MA).  3rd. Joe Stevens(MA).   177-198:  1st. Junior Lopez(CT).  2nd. Bill Stevens(MA).  199-UP.  1st. Sergio Curi(MA).  2nd. Bob Baker(MA).  3rd. Ryan OíNeil(MA).    Menís left Hand:  0-165.  1st. Ralph Smith(NY).  2nd. Jessie Viera(MA).  3rd. Logan Miclette(CT).  166-198.  1st. Allen Stilkey(RI).  2nd.  Ron Ermini(CT). 3rd. Bruce Court(MA).  199-UP.  1st. Kurt Howgate(ME).  2nd. Jason Howgate(ME).  3rd. Harry Bean(NH).   Womenís Right Hand Open:  0-132.  1st. Celine Brien(RI).  2nd. Priscilla Bean(NH).  3rd. Donata Jenkins(CT).  133-UP.  1st. Tammy Boyle(CT)  2nd. Jeanette(CT).  3rd. Pam Farino(CT).  Kids Classes:  4/6 yrs:  1st. Samantha Brien(RI).  2nd. Jane Lopez(CT).  3rd. Harry Bean V(NH).  7/9yrs:  1st.  Joni Lopez(CT).  2nd. Joanna Fonsera(CT).  3rd. Steven Thayer(MA).  10/12yrs.  1st. Joshua Riveria(CT).  2nd. Erica Ermini(CT).  3rd. Rob Sousa(MA).   


          January 20/21, 2001.   Reno Reunion lll.  To be held at the Sands Regency Casino in Reno, NV.  There will be $8500.00 in Cash and Awards given away.  Cash Awards for menís Right Pro: $400.00==200.00==100.00.  Pro Women Right and Pro Menís Left: $250.00==100.00==50.00Also menís Novice, Masters and Grand Masters for Trophies.  Special room rate of $29.00 per night.  For reservations call 800-648-3553.  Ask for group code ARM 122.  For more info call Bill Collins at 209-826-2873 or 

          February.  Date to be announced. CT State Championship.  More info in next months newsletter or call Josh Stark at 860-826-5330.

            April 28, 2001.  The 9th Annual White Mountains Championship will be held at the Olde Timbermill Restaurant & Pub in the Mill At Loon MT on Rte 112 in Lincoln, NH.  There will be 14 weight classes for men & women.  Trophies for 1st thru 3rd in all classes plus prizes from the Mill at Loon MT and The Olde Timbermill Restaurant and Pub.  Special room rates of $50.00 per night. For more info call Bill at 508-947-8958 or for reservations call 800-654-6183. Last years event drew close to 100 pullers. This year should be better.



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