2001 Best of the Midwest 
Armwrestling Championship

ďHarley PullĒ

Sponsored in part by Napoleon Harley Davidson

Tournament Director - Mike Bowling

Many thanks to Mike for a great tournament

Member of United States ArmSports (USA)

Note:  In some cases you will see two names connected by the & sign.  This designates a tie which was not run off.

Menís Amateur Right Hand 0-154:
       Jeremy Plaster/ Rod Lumbardo, Jr./ John Martinez/ Eric Handy

Menís Amateur Right Hand 155-176:
      Joe Archer/ Harold Ryden/ Tom Spencer/ Lanny Julian

Menís Amateur Right Hand 177-198:
      John Wilson/ Robert Ziegler/ Bart Wood/ Matt White

Menís Amateur Right 199-220:
      Tom Nelson/ Casey Szparaga/ Adam Barnett/ Steve Wright

Menís Amateur Right Hand 221+:
      Chad Nofziger/ Matt Prichard/ Mark Cooper/ Mike Wright

Menís Amateur Left Hand 0-165:
      Jeremy Plaster/ Mike Lance/Josh Engels/ Harold Ryden

Menís Amateur Left Hand 166-198:
      Gus Bush/ Steve shoemaker/ Ty Moll/ Robert Ziegler

Menís Amateur Left Hand 199+:
      Joe Gould/ Bill Nelson/ Mike Wright/ Matt Prichard

Ladies Open Right Hand:
      Dalia Medziausyte (Lithuania)/ Karen Curavoo/ Sherry Watson/ Donna

Menís Pro Left Hand 0-165:
      Engin Terzi/ Michael O'Hara/ Rick Soliwoda/ Totraz (Russia)

Menís Pro Left Hand 166-198:
      Kevin Bongard/ Kenny Hughes/ Bob Sawich/ David George

Menís Pro Left Hand 199+:
      Dan Victor/ Travis Bagent/ John Brzenk/ Barbosa (Brazil)

Pro Left Overall:
     Dan Victor/Kevin Bongard/Engin Terzi/Mike O'Hara/Travis Bagent &
Kenny Hughes

Menís Pro Right Hand 0-154:
      Engin Terzi/ Dave Patton/ Olin Lucas/ Craid Tullier/ Mike McGraw

Menís Pro Right 155-176:
     Bill Sinks/ Cobra Rhodes/Tony Picchioldi/George/Kenny Hughes &
Chris Louive

Menís Pro Right 177-198:
      Kevin Bongard/Brian Brandon/Mike Selearis/Jason Remer/George

Menís Pro Right 199-220:
      John Brzenk/ Barbosa (Brasil)/Bucky Russell/Mike Bowling/Travisano
& West

Menís Pro Right Hand 221+:
      Eric Woelfel/Ron Bath/Earl Wilson (Canada)/ Dan Victor/ Darling &

Pro Right Overall:
      Brzenk/Bongard/Woelfel/Barbosa/ Bath & Brandon/ Terzi & Patton/
Rhodes & Sinks

A Harley key was presented to each of the Right Hand Winners plus the right & left Hand overall Champions (7 keys total). Harley Sportster Winner: Kevin Bongard from Utah.



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