2000 Best of the Midwest 
Armwrestling Championship

“Harley Pull”

Thanks to
Napoleon Harley Davidson
It's sponsors Like Napoleon who do so much for the sport
Thank you Napoleon
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Montpelier, Ohio

Many thanks to Mike, Dan and Bill for a great tournament

Tournament Directors - Mike Bowling, Dan Victor, Bill Ballinger

Member of United States ArmSports (USA)

 Cobra and John

To get your copy of the tournament video tape for $20 call 
Mike Bowling at (419) 485-4214

Men's Amateur Right Hand 0-150: Brian Krpan, Rodney Lumbardo, Randy Nelson, Jacob Notziger

Men's Amateur Right Hand 151-175: Andrew Lemmans, Joe Archer, Anthony Snook, Joel Giesige

Men's Amateur Right Hand 176-198: Rob Ziegler, Gustav Bush, Steve Shoemaker, Jamie Seals

Men's Amateur Right Hand 199+: Chad Nofziger, Wayne DeMatthews, Tony Haynes, Bryon Martin

Women's Right Hand Open: Lima Janutiene, Steph Mendez, Connie Nelson, Regina Oraite

Men's Amateur Left Hand 0-165: Andrew Lammens, Josh Schwaiger, Christopher Louive, Randy Nelson

Men's Amateur Left Hand 166-198: Mike Ondrovic, Gustov Bush, Steve Shoemaker, Rob Ziegler

Men's Amateur Left Hand 199+: Wayne DeMatthews, Fred Firsich, Tony Haynes, Ron Harris Jr.

Men's Pro Left Hand 0-165: Engin Terzi, Mike O’Hara, Paylak Manukyan, Kent Dickinson

Men's Pro Left Hand 166-198: Kevin Bongard, Mike Selearis, Byron Royer, Bill Ballinger

Men's Pro Left Hand 199+: Dan Victor, Harold Owens, Mike Gould, Craig Pumphrey

Men's Pro Right Hand 0-143: Jimmy Aiello, Tom Wilson, Donald Puckett, William Sanders

Men's Pro Right Hand 144-165: Cobra Rhodes, Engin Terzi, Rick Soliwoda, Paylak Manukyen

Men's Pro Right Hand 166-187: Kevin Bongard, Mike Selearis, Michael todd, Omer Benmurkan

Men's Pro Right Hand 188-220: John Brzenk, Mike Bowling, Frank Travisano, Craig Wirth

Men's Pro Right Hand 221-253: Jerry Cadorette, Lindley Keating, Dan Victor, Mike Bosse

Men's Pro Right Hand 254+: Dave Randall, Al Leger, Eric Woelfel, Mike Gould

Harley Pull 0-187: Cobra Rhodes, Engin Terzi, Kevin Bongard, Mike Selearis

Harley Pull 188+:John Brzenk, Dave Randall, Jerry Cadorette, Lindley Keating

2nd Place $500 Winner: Cobra Rhodes

2000 Harley Sportster winner - John Brzenk



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