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Greeting to all of our WAF brothers and sisters


Please let it be clearly understood that WAF as the vehicle to represent armsports worldwide is intact. The former President and General-Sec. have been removed from their positions as per the charges brought against them. WAF will continue to run as mandated in the 1997 Congress and the 1998 Congress under an interim Pres. and General-Sec.

The only officially sanctioned WAF XIX World Championship was held in Thunder Bay, Canada in October. This was the only site recognized by the WAF Congress. The only officially sanctioned World Armsport Federation Congress meeting was held in Thunder Bay, Canada in October 1998. The approved minutes state that four of the five Continental directors were in attendance and approved the elimination of Bob O'Leary and BB Das from their WAF positions.

The following represent WAF as the ruling Board of Directors:

Fred Roy - President
Willy Deneumostier - General Secretary
Humberto Panzetti - Senior Vice President / S. America
Bill Cox -- Vice President / N. America
Igor Akhmedshin - Vice President / Europe

General Osman -- Vice-president / Africa
Mitsuo Endo - Vice President / Asia

The unsanctioned event in Cairo was unauthorized by WAF membership and will be considered as an International tournament only.  The 1997 WAF Congress held in India was very clear and unanimous in voting that the 1998 WAF championships were to be held in Canada and that the 1999 WAF Championships are to be held in Tokyo, Japan.   No other championships will be recognized till after the 1999 Congress meeting in Japan. All member nations attending the non sanctioned event in Egypt are required to respond to the WAF President or WAF General Secretary as to their affiliation and loyalty to the World Armsport Federation under the current leadership of the only democratically elected board of directors.



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